Photo: Nick Isabella

Photo: Nick Isabella

Welcome to Espresso & Endorphins!

Hi! My name is Emily. 

I grew up a storyteller, always scrawling short stories on scraps of paper, enjoying when teachers assigned reading and essays, and documenting every moment with my friends and family with my small digital camera and a scrapbook. As I grew older, this innate draw to narrative took the form of journaling about my life, perfecting the filter on an Instagram, documenting moments with my Nikon always strapped around my neck, and eventually a career in marketing. 

At the same time, I grew up a runner and had big dreams of BQing one day. I have 6 half-marathons under my belt and state-ranked cross country title to boot. However, after suffering a few hip fractures (yes, you read that right!), I've retired from running and am exploring the non-running fitness scene. 

Enter Espresso & Endorphins. 

This blog will cover my daily life - an honest conversation, much like one you would have with your best friend over a piping cup of coffee - and my fitness journey and health exploration. 

I'd love to stay in touch and collaborate, so feel free to reach out! 

**All photos are mine, unless specified otherwise.