I don't know when, but somewhere along my fitness journey, I became bored. I was bored of running the same trails at the same time, I was tired of rotating the same twenty strength exercises, and I was tired of going through the same spin workout at the gym everyday. Despite being so structured in my everyday life, I love variety in my workout routine. 

Throughout the past year, I had been seeking to integrate variety into my workout regimen. Some days I ran,  others I went to hot yoga, and then some days I hiked or took a leisurely walk (preferably with my dog, Pumpkin). However, all of these activities tended to be solo. Working out alone is great. Often, I prefer to run alone (depending on distance) -- it's my time to think and/or zone out for a bit. But, within the past year this began to backfire. I would stop and check my phone on runs and when I would get to the gym, I'd realize no one was keeping me accountable and cut my workouts short. 

Cue ClassPass

ClassPass is a monthly membership ($99/month in San Diego - though price varies by area) to boutique fitness classes in major cities across the U.S. In the San Diego area, there are hundreds of classes available, including pilates, spin, yoga, paddleboarding (!!), strength training, dance, kickboxing, and so on. ClassPass members get unlimited classes to studios in the ClassPass network. Members can take as many classes per month as they like, but they can only visit the same studio up to 3 times per monthly membership cycle. There's so many options, though; I can't imagine this being a huge problem! 

I had heard of ClassPass when I lived in Nashville. The fitness subscription had made its way to the South during my senior year. I had plenty of friends sign up and love it, but at that moment, I was near broke and all my money had to go to groceries and sorority dues (and the boozy brunch, of course). 

But, when I moved to San Diego, I figured I could finally give ClassPass a go. I was making enough money, and I figured it could help me integrate variety into my workout routine. Plus, workout classes are a great way to meet people. Most importantly, though, I would be surrounded by a fitness community in class that would push me to keep going and finish a workout. I love the accountability aspect of group fitness. 

I loved ClassPass and went to a different class almost everyday. The membership let me try out a bunch of studios in San Diego, as well as explore neighborhoods (helpful for me as I seek to become less directionally challenged). Plus, I did make some friends - there's no bond stronger than a sweaty bond when you feel like you legs are going to give out. 

I really enjoyed the variety more than anything. I was engaged in each class because it was so different from the one the day before. It was nice to have the freedom to customize what I wanted to work on, rather than being bound to a membership to a single studio. There were so many options it was almost hard to choose sometimes! 

Logistically, ClassPass is incredibly easy to navigate. Classes can easily be reserved (or cancelled) online or on the free ClassPass app. It is painless to broaden or narrow your class search, with options to modify date, time range, neighborhood, type of workout, and/or studio. The app and website will warn you -- there is a cancellation fee if you cancel 12 hours or sooner before a class. I loved this policy because it forced me to workout even if I felt sluggish after sitting at work. 

The ClassPass app is wonderful! 

The ClassPass app is wonderful! 

Unfortunately and with full transparency, I temporarily cancelled my membership. I signed up for a big race in February (more to come soon),  so I have to focus on running  and yoga to get prepared. ClassPass did introduce me to the yoga studio I am now a member at though!  However, once my training ends, I will immediately resume  my membership. I'm already looking forward to it! 

If you are interested in variety for your workouts and love trying new fitness trends, ClassPass is for you. Plus, $99 is a bargain. Boutique studio classes are often $16-25 for one drop in class, so this significantly reduces the cost if you use it more than four times a month, which is super easy! 

If you are interested,  ClassPass is available in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Raleigh, Tampa, Orlando, Nashville, Chicago, Columbus, Minneapolis, Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, San Francisco, LA, Orange County, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Sacramento, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, and Phoenix! 

And, if you are ever in the San Diego area, my best ClassPass finds were at these studios: 

  • Yoga SixI went to the studio in Point Loma, but there are studios scattered across the San Diego area. My favorite class here was the "deep-stretch" class. It totally helped with back pain from sitting at a desk all day. Plus, the entire studio feels like a spa and has really nice amenities. 
  • The House of Yogi: This studio is located in the Ocean Beach/Point Loma area. It's new to the area (I think less than a month old), but it's a product of a yoga studio downtown. I really enjoyed my instructor, and the studio offers a wonderful sunrise vinyasa class. The studio itself is small, but cozy and welcoming. It doesn't hurt that it's a two minute walk from my apartment. 
  • Barry's BootcampThis studio is located in the Hillcrest neighborhood (which I discovered I love). If you go to Barry's, get prepared to have your butt kicked. The class is split between treadmill intervals and strength exercises. It's a super effective hour-long, you feel like a badass when you are done. 

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored in any way. The opinions expressed above are my own.

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