A Guy's Rebuttal to "I Have No Idea What I'm Doing: Real Life Dating"

A Guy's Rebuttal to "I Have No Idea What I'm Doing: Real Life Dating"

Hello -- my name is Andrew, but I’m only known as the “really cool, nice guy” that was mentioned in the previous blog, I Have No Idea What I Am Doing: Real Life Dating.

I know your first thought: “why is there a guy on this blog, not my normal bubbly and funny Emily”. I will tell you why. I have been on my fair share of dates and seen my fair share of “stage 5 clingers”, and downright crazy chicks. One thing I have never seen? A girl bold enough to blog about her dating experience with a stranger. 

After a little convincing, Emily has graciously as well as cautiously allowed me have a “celebrity shot” of sorts on The Post Grad Files and take a look into my side - the guys' side of dating. 

I want to cover a couple do and do not’s of first dates. Keep in mind these are generalities and are in no way things that Emily did on our date…

The Do Not’s

1. Whatever you do and I repeat WHATEVER YOU DO, do not fall for any type of line resembling “Netflix and chill." 

2. Lets face it - sometimes its tough to hold a conversation, especially with someone whom you have just met. This creates more than one problem though. You certainly do not want long awkward stints of silence, but be especially careful of over talking into something you know isn’t first date kosher. For example, talking about how bat shit crazy you were freshmen year…

3. Sometimes the best way to really get a feel for someone is through their social media past. This is great and can lead to hilarious stories and pictures to back up the facts (yes, I did crash a strangers wedding where Wedding Crashers was filmed). But this can also lead to another issue. Make sure your friends know that you are going on a date and to momentarily stop the group message. If this does not happen you may awkwardly come across predate conversations like “ I’M GOING ON A DATE AND I’M ABSOLUTLY FREAKING OUT."  I will say it was nice seeing a group message of random girls talking about their theories of who I may be or whether or not someone is being ‘Catfished‘. 

** Please keep in mind these are all generalities and not in regards to Emily at all…**

The Do’s

1. It is okay to be a tad bit nervous. I feel that is bound to happen in the world of dating. If you were not nervous, I think that would be strange, because lets face it, meeting a random stranger for dinner and drinks is nerve-wracking. Also, if you are nervous its bound to show which I think is extremely adorable. 

2. Wear a cute little red dress, making you look very pretty!

3. Take a chance on a complete stranger (unless you meet on tinder and he looks like a sketchy dude). Life is too short to be worried about the future and shying away from new experiences. Who knows you may just end up meeting someone really special that leads to more than just a second date.


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