2016 In Review

2016 In Review

2016 was a weird one for me.

I began the year with a fractured right hip, got off crutches a few days before Easter...and then fractured my left hip in September. I dealt with a broken heart and finally rediscovered myself. I struggled through a long, disheartening job hunt. I went to the funeral of a childhood best friend that was taken too early...again. I struggled to form lasting friendships in a new city. I had 12 cavities and a torn ankle ligament, my kitten ruined my laptop with a bottle of water and one of my best friends moved to another state. I experienced anaphylactic shock and missed dozens of races and vacations due to injury. I had the biggest quarter-life identity crisis, to top it off. 

Like I said, 2016 was weird...but between all of these downs...there were dozens of beautiful, positive moments that I'm incredibly thankful to look back on this New Year's Eve. 

I had so many college friends visit me in San Diego! These reunions made me feel at home. Come back soon, please! 

I got to see both Kaskade and Beyonce

I had dozens of wonderful trips - Oakland, Eastern Sierras, Nashville, Joshua Tree and a solo trip in San Luis Obispo, included. Being outside and exploring new places made me feel alive. 

 I adopted a kitten! It's amazing how furry little creatures can totally transform your life. I'm quickly on my way to becoming a cat lady. 


I fell in love! While I normally am open about my feelings on this blog, I still am hard pressed to open up about my romantic feelings. Sorry! :) 

I was published...a lot! I really focused on writing this year - and saw results! I was published in LOCALE Magazine, POPSUGAR Fitness and Elite Daily, to name a few. 

I ran one half-marathon. While it may not seem like a lot...between two fractured hips, it was quite a feat for me. 

Despite all of these big moments, the most beautiful memories of 2016 were the small ones - every last sunset and sunrise I caught, every frigid wave I splashed through in the Pacific, the hours spent laughing on my couch with both new and old friends until I was crying, the nights snuggled up with my kitten watching Parenthood while I was on crutches, the moment I realized I was in love again, amazing meals and even better cups of coffee, cheering on friends while they ran marathons, experiencing the joy of a clean health bill, discovering I had two best friends in San Diego and drives along the coast to name a few. 

2017 is starting entirely different than 2016 - I'm off crutches with a healthy hip, I'm beginning  a new job in January and I feel increasingly more comfortable about my friendships and relationships in San Diego. 

Peace out, 2016! I can't wait for 2017 and more amazing memories. 

Hello 2017!

Hello 2017!

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