Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

For the last few years, I've established a birthday tradition: travel. I've gone to San Diego (slightly ironic), Chicago, Austin, Nashville...and this year, Atlanta. I wasn't too sure what to expect from Atlanta, since my main reason was to visit my old roommate, Alex. I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it - decently clean, green and tons of things to do. While I came back a week ago, this trip is still on my mind. 

So, this week's Tuesday Ten is Atlanta-themed! 


1. Gate City Brewery

Naturally, I found a craft brewery in Alex's neighborhood to visit. We sipped on a yummy cream ale at Gate City Brewery after Mexican food (see #2 - I'm going out of order here...) and watched people cheer on UGA. I liked the industrial vibe of the taproom (and its Halloween decor) - and most importantly, my beer was tasty. 

2. Ceviche

It figures that I go to the South and still opt for Mexican food. Old habits (or, current ones) die hard. On my first night in Atlanta, we hit up Ceviche in the Roswell neighborhood. I opted for the taco & enchilada combo - along with queso to start - and was pleasantly surprised at how yummy they were, especially the enchilada sauce! Plus, the ambiance of the entire restaurant was perfect. My favorite part? All of the light fixtures were made from old tequila bottles. 

3. Frogtown Cellars

On my birthday, we ventured an hour outside Atlanta to Dahlonega to visit Frogtown Cellars...and the drive was totally worth it. Firstly, the vineyard was breathtakingly beautiful - rolling hills, green everywhere and blue skies (with a rainbow!). Secondly, the wine we tasted was divine. We sampled a selection of reds...and it was really hard to even pick a favorite! 


4. Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All

So, this isn't in Atlanta...but I did finish this book on my plane ride back to San Diego, so I'd say it counts, right? Creative Confidence is written by two brothers and discusses tangible ways to tap into all of our inner creative potential - both personally and professionally. I loved the ideas - and have already started to see a shift in the way I've approached problems in the last week. I'd highly recommend for anyone - not just "creative types." 

5. Kayaking

On the morning of my birthday, Alex and I headed to the Chattahoochee River to kayak. I've always loved kayaking, but this experience really took that passion to a new level. The river was gorgeous - lined with beautiful trees that were shifting into fall reds, oranges and yellows and surrounded with cranes, geese and hawks. It was the absolute best way to start my day - and hands down one of the prettiest experiences I've had to date. 


6. Mean Girls

Rather than go out, I opted for a night in - playing Scrabble, solving a puzzle and watching Mean Girls. It had been a few months since I last saw Mean Girls, and honestly, I'm always surprised at how much I still love it (and can remember every line verbatim). It gets better every time. Chick flicks, for the win. 


7. Vickery Creek Trail

Alex's apartment is situated right by a woodsy area, so off we went for a morning hike. We hiked along Vickery Creek Trail, starting at the Roswell Mill. The trail was well-marked and absolutely stunning. SO MUCH GREEN. It made me hate California's dry, brown hikes! Overall, it was an easy trail, but with gorgeous, quiet, peaceful scenery.


8. Dirty John  

Yet again, not technically in Atlanta, but I listened to this podcast in the airport on my way to and from Georgia. Dirty John is a true-crime podcast from the Los Angeles Times that tells the story of an Orange County woman's relationship with her husband...who isn't as he seemed to be. I couldn't stop listening - I had to know who her husband really was and what happened to him! It's an easy six-part listen that fed into my true crime and mystery fascination. 


9. The World of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is headquartered in Atlanta, and it was the #1 place I wanted to visit in Atlanta. And, it was awesome. Upon entering the museum, you get a can of your choice. Coke Zero, it was...and after not drinking Diet Coke/Coke Zero for almost two years, it tasted heavenly. Afterwards, we got to see the bottling process, watch old Coke ads, read about the history of the secret syrup recipe and taste more than 100 different Coke products from around the world. I was on a sugar high from all my samples by the end (and, trust me, I sugar-crashed). I felt like a kid again at the World of Coke - so fun!


10. The High Museum of Art

Atlanta's High Museum of Art is well-known in the Southeast, and I had been wanting to visit for a few years so I could geek out over some of my favorite artists (like Rothko - pictured above). I spent a few hours here (and could have stayed for double the amount of time) gazing at dozens of pieces. My favorite exhibits? European Art (so many awesome Madonna & Child altarpieces) and Modern & Contemporary Art. 

What are you into this week? 

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