September in Review

September in Review

I love October. While time is flying, I am so happy to be in this month. 

Looking back at this month is...difficult...again. 

If you are a consistent reader of my blogger, you know by now that I planned to set mini-goals and mantras for each month that will all build up to my larger 2017 goals. In August, I didn't come close to hitting a single one of my goals...and I kind of followed suit in September. I still struggled through a breakup, my anxiety is pretty constant, I grappled with some friend issues and I had a rough time at work. 

However, while I didn't hit any of my goals, my monthly mantra - fight - came in use more than ever. I fought the urge to give into my anxiety, I fought my desperation and desire to get the hell out of San Diego, I fought against heavy negative self-talk and I fought for my work. This month, I could have easily laid down and let everything else take over and wallowed...but, instead, I fought. 

Here are a few other highlights from September: 


I visited Nashville. Read more about it in a Tuesday Ten


I went to the Marine Corps Ball. I went with a friend and had so much fun feeling fancy all dressed up! 


I tried a few new San Diego fitness studios, including Renegade Fit Camp and Cyclebar. Renegade Fit Camp is Barry's Bootcamp-esque...and a 2 minute drive away. Yes, please! 


I modeled for the Port of San Diego. I got to paddle board, kayak and wine and dine...all for a commercial. Yet again...yes, please! 


I hiked up one of the highest points in San Diego County. I closed out September with an epic 12-mile hike up El Cajon Mountain. It was the perfect solo adventure

This month, I will be focusing on: Look - don't just see. 

Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Two Months Later...It Still Hurts

Two Months Later...It Still Hurts