October in Review

October in Review

I am ten days in to November...so, I may be a little late, but it's my blog so I guess I can do what I want? Plus, life (read: work) has been a bit busy and stressful lately. 

Anyways, looking back at October is fun. October is notoriously my favorite month...and it generally lived up to its expectations - lots of travel, growth, food, fun, friends! 

If you are a consistent reader of Espresso & Endorphins, you surely know by now that I planned to set mini-goals and mantras for each month that ultimately build up to my larger 2017 goals. Both August and September...well, I epically failed at hitting any goals. This month, however, I found myself a little more back on track. So, how did I do overall? I read two books, I got my travel documents in order to head to Cuba this month, I hung out with new people and I took some steps to finally get my skin back on track (because...I missed the teenage acne boat and ended up sailing on it now in my mid-twenties). But, I'll be honest...I did not journal daily, hike Cowles every Friday and update my web portfolio. You win some, you lose some. I'm hoping to carry at least the latter in to November.  

Beyond my mini goals, I also set monthly mantras to focus on. In October, it was "look, don't just see." I wanted to focus on actually looking at people, situations, challenges and everything in between beyond just the surface level. But, I'll be honest...I epically failed at this. I turned my focus a little inwards this past month in order to really heal and process things happening around me. But, still something to keep in mind this month. 

Here are a few other highlights from October: 


I explored Julian - and it actually felt like fall. One of my favorite parts of living in Tennessee was the fall foliage and that crispness in the air that hit in September and October. California does not get that. But, I headed an hour or so east...and bam! Fall crispness, some changing leaves...and a pumpkin patch (+ apple pie!). 


I saw My Favorite Murder live - and got to meet the co-hosts (and my idols), Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. I could gush on and on and on and on about this show, but I'll save my fangirling. It was hilarious and perfect and both of the hosts were incredibly nice. 


I visited one of my best friends in Atlanta. Read more about my trip here!

I actually "went out." I very rarely go out at night anymore...it's about once every four or five months at this point. But, I headed to a house party and out to a bar in Encinitas last month and spent the whole night dancing and drinking with friends. I forgot how much fun nightlife could be (though, hangover said otherwise). 


I visited one of my best friends in Scottsdale. Read more about my trip here!


I celebrated Halloween - as a wicked witch...and a voodoo witch. Halloween is my favorite holiday...and while I celebrated this year by staying in, I still managed to dress up. What should I be next year?!

This month, I will be focusing on "illuminate."

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