2017 in Review: Podcasts

2017 in Review: Podcasts

As the year winds down and as I start to look forward to 2018, I'm also looking back at what rocked (and what didn't) in 2017. So, each day for the next week, check back at Espresso and Endorphins as I compile some of my favorite 2017 moments, products and everything in between.

Over the last two years, my drives, cleaning sessions and everything in between have been marked with the sound of podcasts. While I do listen to a few news and politics-based podcasts, the majority of the ones I tune into are for entertainment and comedy. 

Here's a roundup of my favorite podcasts that I tuned into this year...any recommendations for 2018? 


1. My Favorite Murder

I'm a huge fan of true crime. No, I don't want to kill you. Yes, I'm extremely squeamish and anxious. But, there's something about not understanding any of the psychology behind true crime that just fascinates me. Enter MFM, a weekly podcast hosted by Karen Kilgarrif and Georgia Hardstark. Each week, MFM episodes tell the tale of different murders (and "hometown murders" submitted by listeners). What makes the podcast so engaging though is the laugh-out-loud, relatable dialogue between the women (and Georgia's cat, Elvis, who chimes in for 'meows'). There's an incredible fan following on Facebook that has built such a strong community of individuals all looking out for each other - and normalizing anxiety (the hosts talk a lot about the mental illness on the air). Really, MFM has totally transformed my commutes..Okay, but I'm cutting myself off and now I'm going to go write a whole blog on this podcast, so stay tuned. But, really download it and laugh. Start from the beginning so you get to really know the banter and feel like Georgia and Karen are your real life best friends.  


2. My Dad Wrote a Porno

This is really what you think it is. This podcast is a man and his 2 friends reading his dad's pornographic novel. It's gross and so hilarious - I've actually spit out a drink listening to it. You have to have a certain type of humor...but if you need a laugh, this podcast is perfect. 


3. That's So Retrograde

Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari host this wellness podcast that covers the LA wellness scene - green juice, acupuncture, vision boards, crystals, reiki, you name it. Basically, That's So Retrograde covers all the hippy-dippy stuff I'm into - in a really authentic, skeptical and curious way. Each episode has a new guest expert on the episode's topic...but really, I just want to be besties with these two. 


4. CreativeMornings Podcast

CreativeMornings is a free monthly lecture series of creative types. The podcast? A collection of the best of the best speakers in cities across the world. It's cool to hear how different speakers interpreted themes - and I always feel inspired after each episode. 


5. Up & Vanished

Per the recommendation of my sister, I started the podcast Up & Vanished...and binged so hard I am officially caught up. The investigative podcast looks into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead in 2005. The case was cold...but throughout the duration of the podcast, things are dug up. Dun, dun, dun. The host of the podcast does an amazing job editing and keeping the story engaging. I can't wait to follow the story as it continues to unfold. 


6. S Town

S Town was all the craze this year in terms of podcasts...and it deserved the hype. This podcast came from the producers of Serial and This American Life and offered a beautiful portrait of humanity, small towns and one individual in particular. What starts as an investigative journalism podcast quickly changes direction...but, I won't give too much away. It's a quick series of just 8 episodes, so give it a listen! 


7. Dirty John

Dirty John is a true-crime podcast from the Los Angeles Times that tells the story of an Orange County woman's relationship with her husband...who isn't as he seemed to be. I couldn't stop listening - I had to know who her husband really was and what happened to him! It's an easy six-part listen that fed into my true crime and mystery fascination. 


8. In the Dark

Another true crime related podcast, In the Dark covers the abduction of Jacob Wetterling in rural Minnesota...and how law enforcement mishandled the notorious child abduction case. It brought up all sorts of questions about accountability, sex-offender registries and stranger danger anxiety. The story was told beautifully...and I cannot wait for season two in 2018. 


9. Criminal

Criminal is described as a true crime podcast, but it's much more than that. It's beautiful storytelling about the factors of people, time and place that lead to crime. The writing is beautiful and tells engaging stories about often forgotten perpetrators and victims alike.


10. The Bitch Bible

This is definitely a love or hate kind of podcast...and I'm definitely on the love side. Jackie Schimmel, the author of one of my favorite blogs The Bitch Bible, hosts a hilarious podcast of the same name. The podcast is unfiltered, non-PC, unapologetic and covers everything from pop culture to first world problems to social faux pas. She says a lot of what I think...but would never say.  


11. How I Built This

I love listening to NPR's How I Built This for inspiration and for stories that make me feel like I could maybe one day achieve something great! How I Built This interviews big-wigs from huge companies and tells the story of their entrepreneurship and innovation. It's fascinating to learn the stories and secrets behind all the brands I love. It really gives me inspiration in my life - even outside of career. 


12. Anna Faris is Unqualified

I started listening to Anna Farris is Unqualified after My Favorite Murder and this podcast did two crossover episodes. The podcast is based on "unqualified" relationship advice (though, a bit of it is pretty sound) - with a lot of comedy mixed in-between. 


13. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You is a podcast from the How Stuff Works group that delves into challenges women face today (and have faced throughout history). It's all research-based and provides smart solutions relating to health, careers, activism, you name it. The show's hosts are hilarious and real and relatable, and I'm always learning something new. 


14. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Earlier this year, I had the chance to catch Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential speak at an event. I've followed her blog for quite some time, but the talk introduced me to the podcast she runs with her husband. The podcast talks about their life, their beauty and health routines, their careers...and everything in between. It's entertaining and a good listen for while I drive home. Plus, there's nothing more motivating for me to get work done than to hear career tips and tricks of the trade.  


15. Sword & Scale

Sword and Scale is as equally creepy as it is fascinating. This true crime podcast digs into disappearances, murders and conspiracies. While I can only listen to some episodes (some are too much for me to handle...), they are fascinating, and I love the addition of interviews and 911 calls. 

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