April in Review

April in Review

*Insert overused Justin Timberlake meme here* 

Happy May!

If you are a consistent reader of my blog, you know by now that I planned to set mini-goals and mantras for each month that all will build up to my larger 2017 plans. This April, my goals consisted of: spending less time on my phone (check!), focusing more on yoga (check!), setting a deadline for the creation of my website (check!) and working on more positive reactions (ehhh...).

Beyond these goals, my mantra the last 30 days was "be a seeker of everyday magic." So this April, I actively focused on finding things I was grateful each day - things I found magical that may seem mundane to others. I focused on small details that lit my fire. I loved the surges of creativity I got at work, I found simple joy and magic in running and hiking, I focused on the magic of quiet nights in with friends and I relished in the small magic of an animal's love. The real moment where I saw this mantra come to life, though, was on a hike to Cedar Creek Falls. I was in awe of the huge waterfall and the peaceful body of water below. It was just a rad thought to be able to be a human and enjoy all of the nature around me. It may sound dense, but the world is magical...and it's really cool as a human to have the capacity to take it all in - good or bad. 

Here are some other highlights from this March: 

One of my blogs was syndicated through Thought CatalogHard work pays off. 

I visited my family for Easter - and introduced Nick to where I grew up. We went on a few hikes, played lots of card games and ate too much. It was nice having him see where I was from...and meet my dog. 

I visited Cabrillo for the first time. It was gorgeous gem so close to my neighborhood in San Diego!!! Heads up: don't go on a free entrance day. It was a little too crowded for my taste. 

Walt turned one! I guess he's no longer a kitten - growing up so fast! 

I took a weekend trip to Laguna Beach. Two friends and I rented an Airbnb for the weekend - and it was gorgeous! The studio overlooked the ocean, and the weather was gorgeous. We spent time on the beach exploring, in the studio reading on the deck and then pampered ourselves with massages. 

Amidst all of these bigger things, I also got a new yoga mat and hammock, spent less time but more quality time with Nick and friends and completed a no-makeup challenge. The sprinkling of these small things in between really made my month. 

However, if we are being totally honest, this month ended on a pretty low note. I found out I fractured my right hip (again) and yet again was told there's no cause for it. Just a few hours following the news that I would have to be on crutches, I got food poisoning. It wasn't the grandest weekend to send April off with...and I can't say I am currently in the greatest of moods. But the reason why I love these lists? It makes me remember how much good actually did happen this month. 

This May, I will be focusing on: "there's power in looking silly and not caring that you do." 

Happy May Day!

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