Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Hooray for short weeks, am I right?! 

This weekend, I had the fortune/misfortune of working all day at a work event on Saturday (well, 8-4). By the time Friday hit last week, I was so drained that the thought of working on Saturday drove me to tears. It didn't help that I was getting a CT scan in a hospital on Friday night at 9:30 PM. Party animal! But really, it was my third doctor's appointment - the cherry on top of a stressful work week. 

However, all of this meant I had yesterday off. Who doesn't want a Monday off?! I got to actually grab coffee after November Project and watch a movie and Parks and Rec during the day. Now, this was the cherry on top of a perfect (though oddly scheduled) weekend. 

So, beyond my short week ahead of me, here's what else I'm feeling: 

1. Fanuel Park
Fanuel Park was one of the first places I visited when I moved to San Diego. The park (which has a playground and a grassy field) lies along Mission Bay's boardwalk. It's kept pretty clean and the people watching is hard to beat. It's just a really peaceful, pristine place that gives me a sense of nostalgia. This week, I sat on the grass, snacking and chatting with one of my friends all afternoon while her kids played. The breezy, sunny afternoon was the perfect day to sit in the park and watch the water lap at the shore. 

2. Suja Juice
I'm a big fan of pressed juice and a big fan of shopping local. Enter Suja! Suja is an organic, non-GMO cold-pressed juice line that's made right here in San Diego. Not to mention - it's all delicious. Even better? There's plenty of flavors that don't have an absurdly high sugar content. As summer approaches, my fridge is going to start increasingly being stocked with these bottles. My favorites? Revive, Fuel Glow and Blue Dream. PS - I am now a SUJA Partner! Ask me for more details! 

3. Interactive Day
Last Friday, I attended Interactive Day San Diego with a few coworkers (and a few friends in the industry - hey Dana!). IDSD is an annual event in San Diego that serves as an opportunity for the creative community to come together and share ideas and listen to industry leaders talk about the evolving landscape of interactive marketing and design. I stuck on the Social Media track (naturally...considering that's my job) and got to hear innovative ideas from execs from General Mills, Ad Council and Matte Black, to name a few. Not only did it give me some creative inspiration for work and some tangible ways to look at ways I could improve my company's standing, it gave me a lot of personal creative inspiration. 

4. Nickel Beer
This Sunday, Nick and I ventured out to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park for a lazy Sunday outdoors. On our way back to San Diego, we headed to Julian (just a few minutes away) for some drinks and snacks. We ended our afternoon at Nickel Beer. The quaint brewery was filled with locals who all knew each other and quickly accepted Nick and I into their quirky fold. Not only was the atmosphere great, the beer was good. Nickel had plenty of solid IPAs on tap (the hoppier the better, according to my palate). 

5. Yoga Wheel
Being back on crutches means that my back and arms are killing me and that I feel really weak, overall. So, last week, my dear friend and fantastic yoga teacher Lauren hosted a private yoga session for me. She worked on some core strengthening exercises, as well as a lot of shoulder and chest openers. She brought a yoga wheel, which I had never used as a prop before! It may have to be my new investment. We worked on some deep backbending over the wheel, which felt great after weeks of hunching over my crutches. I've been using my foam roller to practice some segmented backbends, but it hasn't felt as great as the wheel! Thank you Lauren!  

6. Bottle Shares
After my work shift on Saturday, Nick took me along to his friends' bottle share at their cute house in North Park. Bottle shares are essentially when a bunch of craft beer lovers each bring a bottle that is opened and collectively shared among the group in taster glasses. It's a fun way to try a bunch of different, new and unique beers. I brought a strong Stone IPA that was brewed with Virginia blackberries and raspberries. So good. Other favorite? A Pure Project Brewing sour. Anyways, bottle shares are a relaxed (and mostly budget friendly) way to meet new people and try so many specialty craft beers. 

7. Hammock-ing
As I mentioned, Nick and I headed to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park for a lazy Sunday outdoors. We brought my new hammock, a few blankets (it was in the low 50s out), some snacks and books. We pulled off near Stonewall Mine and found a few trees and popped up the hammock and spent all afternoon reading. It was one of the most beautiful, relaxing afternoons I've ever had. 

8. Heated Blankets
I've been having pretty bad cramps this entire week and still have not invested in a heating pad. Maybe one day. But, this week, I improvised and used my heated electric blanket as a makeshift heating pad. It totally did the trick! Bonus: Walt loves it and was a permanent cuddle bug anytime I had it out. 

9. Mom's Pies
As I mentioned, Nick and I stopped in Julian on our way back to San Diego on Sunday. Naturally, since we were in the area, we had to get pie! We opted for Mom's Pies (because it was open later - sorry Julian Pie Co.) and enjoyed pie (I got caramel apple crumb!) and cinnamon ice cream. Seriously, read it again. CINNAMON ICE CREAM. Game changer! 

10. My Favorite Murder
I have been fighting about blogging about My Favorite Murder for weeks! I truly feel like a hipster teen - "I listened to them before it was cool!" Anywho, I'm a huge fan of true crime. No, I don't want to kill you. Yes, I'm extremely squeamish and anxious. But, there's something about not understanding any of the psychology behind true crime that just fascinates me. Enter MFM, a weekly podcast hosted by Karen Kilgarrif and Georgia Hardstark. Each week, MFM episodes tell the tale of different murders (and "hometown murders" submitted by listeners). What makes the podcast so engaging though is the laugh-out-loud, relatable dialogue between the women (and Georgia's cat, Elvis, who chimes in for 'meows'). There's an incredible fan following on Facebook that has built such a strong community of individuals all looking out for each other - and normalizing anxiety (the hosts talk a lot about the mental illness on the air). Really, MFM has totally transformed my commutes..Okay, but I'm cutting myself off and now I'm going to go write a whole blog on this podcast, so stay tuned. But, really download it and laugh. Start from the beginning so you get to really know the banter and feel like Georgia and Karen are your real life best friends.  

What are you into this week? Comment below & let me know! 

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