Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

I feel so refreshed entering a work week after a long weekend. Can that happen more often? Please?

This weekend, I had Monday off (and I hope you did too!), and I spent the free day going to breakfast after November Project, walking around a pretty set of trails in San Diego (all of a mile - but, progress is progress) and laying around cuddling and reading and making dinner with Nick. It was truly nice to have a relaxed day after a fairly busy and social weekend. This day helped me press "reset" and restored my focus for the upcoming week, which is about to be extremely busy with tons of work projects and personal plans. 

Aside from this revitalized focus and my excitement around a 4-day work week, here's what else I am into: 

1. Coworkers - From Old Jobs
I was lucky with my first job in San Diego for many reasons. One being the quality friends I made at the job. When I first considered leaving the job, I was nervous to leave these friends behind, wrongly concerned that I'd lose these individuals as friends. Wrong. While it definitely requires more of an effort since we no longer all see each other daily, this group of people still remains some of my closest friends now. Each month, a group of four of us from my old company has been getting together to catch up over dinner, set goals and keep each other accountable. It's one of my favorite (new) traditions. 

2. The Cravory
After a few stressful days of work and heavy anxiety, I stopped by The Cravory on my way home. I live dangerously close to this gourmet cookie shop. After sampling practically every flavor, I opted for Coconut Cream. So good. So yum. Bonus: The Cravory is all around farmers' markets in San Diego. 

3. I'm Thinking of Ending Things
My friend Lauren (who similarly does What I'm Into Wednesdays - give them a read!) recommended this mystery book last week and was nice enough to lend me a hard copy (actual books > Kindles/iBooks). I burned through the book in just two days. It was creepy and hard to set down - I had to know what was happening! If you are a fan of Dark Places and Sharp Objects, give it a read. 

4. Mortified Podcast
My friend Alex recommended this hilarious podcast a few weeks ago, and I finally got to listening. On Mortified, adults read samples from their childhood journals, diaries, letters, you get it. The storytelling podcast will make you laugh...and smile at the fact that you were not alone. 

5. My New Web Portfolio! 
For Christmas, one of my friends purchased a domain and a great template to create a portfolio to utilize for freelance writing. I admittedly dragged my fee on the project - but finally completed the portfolio this week. Goal: check! 

6. South Park
South Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Diego. The houses are cute, the restaurants are divine and the community is tangible. My favorite spots to visit in the area? Hamilton's Tavern, Buona Forchetta, Rose Wine Bar and Gold Leaf

7. You & Yours
I'm all about shopping & drinking local...and even more about female-owned biz. You & Yours is San Diego's first urban distillery (gin & vodka)...and owned by a female grad of USD! The drinks are fantastic and unique (think: bell pepper drink with olive oil topping) and the actual tasting room is Pinterest-perfect. This may be my new haunt...

8. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning
I am obsessed with everything bagels, so it was only natural that this new seasoning at Trader Joe's grabbed my interest. It really lived up to the hype - it's garlicky, salty and crunchy. YUM. I've been putting it on scrambled eggs and avocado. It's really a game-changer that I can't wait to continue to experiment with. 

9. No Crutches!
I am crutch-free...as of Sunday. A lot of emotions. Read more here.

10. Mommy Dead & Dearest
I've mentioned it a few times, but I'm really interested in true crime. So, HBO's latest documentary "Mommy Dead & Dearest" was right up my alley. The documentary covers the story of Gypsyrose Blanchard and Dee Dee Blanchard, a real story about murder, Munchausens by Proxy and financial deception. I won't give too much away, but it was a solid double-date night watch. 

What did you do with your long weekend? What are you feeling this week?

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