Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Throughout the course of last week (and continuing into the weekend), I felt pretty uneasy (read: depleted and defeated) about the news around my hip. I spent a few evenings sobbing into a bottle of wine, while my kitty tried to cuddle me. Woof. 

But, I refused to get down in the dumps too much about it and tried to gain some perspective. So, I spent the remainder of my weekend once I snapped out of it taking care of myself and feeding into things that make my soul happy. I read (a lot), took a bath with essential oils, cuddled with Walt and napped a lot, visited my favorite coffee shop in the rain, colored and painted and ate tacos. While I can't say that these things "solved" my problems, I did leave the weekend feeling a lot better than I entered into it. The importance of self-care (and consciously letting go of envy) is so often overlooked, but so so valuable. 

Beyond self-care, here's what else is on my mind this week: 

1. Bonfires
This last Thursday, my friend Antonette picked me up to take me to a "breath-work class." Surprise! She ended up taking me to a bonfire "pity party" (hats & all) where some of my best friends (+ pups!) were waiting. My friends all mourned my fractured hip, while also affirming to me that they were there for me - through thick and thin. It was perfect after I had a minor freakout that I'd have no friends after my third hip fracture. I've honestly never felt so touched by a sweet gesture. Plus, I love bonfires. There's something about sitting around the flames, roasting marshmallows and laughing that is magical. I can't wait for more summer bonfires!

2. iPhone 7+ 
My friend Leah just got a new iPhone 7+, and it's slowly convincing me I need to upgrade my phone. While the phone itself is huge, the camera is amazing. It takes DSLR-quality photos (I mean, look at this photo of Walt taken on a phone)! Good job, Apple. 

3. The Pendry Hotel
Last week, I finally visited San Diego's newest hotel in the Gaslamp Quarter - The Pendry. I've written a few articles on the location for LOCALE Magazine and was scheduled to interview someone at the hotel. The lobby was gorgeous and pristine, the rooms were cozy and Instagram-worthy cute and the views of the San Diego skyline and Coronado bridge were amazing. I went to one of the hotel's restaurants - Provisional - for a latte and muffin. YUM - way better than standard hotel food. I may have to book a staycation here soon...who's in?

4. Broccolini
I've recently become obsessed with broccolini - a cross between Chinese broccoli and broccoli. Small individual stalks that are a little sweeter than regular broccoli. I threw this together with some sundried tomato Italian sausage, pesto and pasta - heavenly. 

5. Color Me Mine
This Sunday, I invaded a small child's birthday party and went to Color Me Mine to paint some mugs with two friends. While I forgot how utterly un-crafty I am, I had so much fun, felt creative and really felt like a kid again (proven by all of the paint I managed to get in my hair and on my clothes). I can't wait to see my finished mug! I need to do this more often. 


6. Design Love Fest
Designlovefest is my favorite lifestyle blog that focuses on style, DIY, food and travel. The blog's founder and editor is a creative director, so everything is so cute. My favorite part of the blogs are all the downloads - phone backgrounds, desktop backgrounds and typography samples. My desktop background is constantly changing at work (above is my current background) - and I swear it impacts my productivity in a positive way. 

7. Sweetbitter
Shout out to my friend Katrina for this book recommendation! This book is a coming-of-age tale that tracks the main character in her first year post-grad in NYC working at a restaurant. The writing is raw, and the character's often dumb decisions resonated with me. The book is definitely not for everyone. If you didn't like Catcher in the Rye, you most likely won't like this. Meanwhile, I can't put it down!

8. Soundcloud
Soundcloud used to be my running go-to. I liked listening to EDM sets from major festivals that spanned two-hours. It meant I never had to switch songs during a run, and I always had a solid beat. Meanwhile, I've been using these same playlists at work. The upbeat tempo keeps me typing away for hours at a time. 

9. Better Call Saul
Netflix just uploaded the second season of Better Call Saul, and this has been my evening TV binge! If you were a fan of Breaking Bad, give it a go. 

10. Yogi Tea
As I mentioned, I've been into self-care, including taking baths. Nothing is more luxurious to me than sipping a cup of tea while soaking, and Yogi Tea is my go-to. My favorites are the Cranberry Probiotic, the Stress Relief and the Ginger tea! I really cheesily like the motivational sayings on the tea bags - it's the small things. 

What are you feeling this week? 

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