Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Yesterday, I took a much-needed mental health day. I don't care what anyone says - it was the perfect way to recenter myself and take care of my mental state (which has been on the fragile end lately). I did a bunch of my favorite things - read at the cover in Solana Beach, sipped on chai at Lofty Coffee, took a yin yoga class, ate poke on the beach and swam and played in the ocean. I topped it off with my favorite movie and cuddles with Nick. 

Today, I am feeling about 50 times more focused and back in the game. It's amazing how much of a difference a day can make - try it out. 

Beyond mental health days, here's what else I'm into: 

1. Cowles Mountain
This weekend, I hiked Cowles Mountain, the highest point in San Diego! While it used to be my routine to jog up the steep trail, it was a nice change of pace to hike and fully enjoy the scenery on the way up and down. It's a tough 3-mile hike (that honestly feels way longer), but the view of the entire city is incredible. 

2. The Nest
I stumbled into The Nest Coffee & Tea by accident one morning, assuming I was walking into a boutique that was open really early. But, the Nest was tucked into the back of this shop - so quaint and adorable. The shop serves dozens of tea and espresso based drinks - and is literally just steps away from the OB Pier. I love to stop by and take a walk along the fishing pier in the mornings. It's perfect. My go-to drinks? Dirty Bird, Nut Milk Latte and African Red Bush Latte. Yum. 

3. Early Morning Walks
There is nothing more peaceful to me than walking along the ocean or the bay in the early morning mist with a hot cup of coffee. I try to do this at least every other week (I live so close, so why not?) The beach is pristine and quiet, and it's the perfect way to energize my whole day and fully appreciate where I get to live. This week, I brought a big group of friends along, which made it even better. 

4. RX Bars
I'm always on the hunt for a good protein bar, particularly because so many are filled with peanuts, peanut butter or pea protein...all of which I'm allergic to. When I found RX Bars, I was in heaven. While there are a few peanut-based bars, the majority of them rely on almonds. The bars are made entirely of real food - like nuts, egg whites, dates and spices. So simple, so tasty. My go-to? Chocolate Sea Salt. It's a guilt free dessert. 

5. Achilles Coffee
My friend Dana kept recommending Achilles Coffee, and I finally gave in and gave it a try...and honestly, I am so sad it took me this long! I opted for a Vanilla Latte and a Dealer's Choice Cold Brew. Both were amazing...and the ambiance of the tiny shop was perfect for an early morning. The baristas actually talked to you...it felt like a coffee shop in a small town, familial and personal. I can't wait to go back. 

6. American Eagle
I used to be the biggest fan of American Eagle in my teenage years. But, throughout college and afterwards, I stopped frequenting the store. The style wasn't really what I was into anymore. But, I happened upon their website a few weeks back and everything was adorable again. I ordered shorts, jeans, tops and dresses...and fell in love with almost every item without breaking the bank. Good comeback, AE. 

7. Stuff Mom Never Told You
Stuff Mom Never Told You is a podcast from the How Stuff Works group that delves into challenges women face today (and have faced throughout history). It's all research-based and provides smart solutions relating to health, careers, activism, you name it. The show's hosts are hilarious and real and relatable, and I'm always learning something new. Honestly, I've been looking forward to driving just so I can start playing episodes of this podcast! 

8. Sunset Cliffs
Sunset Cliffs was one of the first places I visited in San Diego...and to this day, it's still my favorite place in San Diego. You can't beat the view - sunset or sunrise or middle of the day...it's gorgeous.  My pipe dream is to live in the houses that sit along the cliffs. 

9. Big Little Lies
I typically always read a book before watching the movie/TV adaptation. I did it a bit backwards this time - oops! I finally read Big Little Lies, and I couldn't put it down. Even though I knew where the story was going (the show stayed decently close to the book's plot line), the writing was captivating and it was a quick read. 

10. Yin Yoga
I took my first Yin Yoga class this Sunday at Spirit Yoga, and I am hooked. Yin focuses on holding poses for minutes at a time, and the teacher used essential oils on students during the poses. I was so relaxed after (it seriously felt like I was being pampered!), and it was the perfect intro back into yoga. This is going to be a weekly routine now!

What are you into this week?

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