Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Life is full of ups and downs. Right now (despite the running news), I feel like I am in a major up. Things with Nick are perfect, I have amazing friends and community in San Diego and beyond, work is going well, I just got offered a spot to volunteer at the San Diego Zoo, I'm plowing through good books, I was asked to be a part of an inspirational female interview series, my tax refund was messed up...and I ended up getting money when I previously owed, I am going camping this weekend and I'm keeping myself busy with so many things I love - yoga, walks outdoors with friends and kitty cuddles. No, not everything is perfect, but honestly, I want to celebrate the successes and revel in the happiness. 

So, beyond soaking in the moment right now, here's what else I'm into:  

1. Trader Joe's Mexicali Salad
I love cooking - don't get me wrong. But, honestly, sometimes I hate meal prepping...or am way too tired to cook when I get home after a long day at work. Cue Trader Joe's pre-made salads (way cheaper/healthier than eating out!). I just recently discovered their premade Mexicali Salad, and I am obsessed! The salad has greens, corn, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, pepitas, asiago, chili lime chicken and a creamy jalapeno Caesar dressing. It sounds like a weird combination of flavors...but they somehow all mesh in a perfect form of sensory overload. I could honestly eat this salad every single day, it's so damn good. 

2. Lululemon Savasana at Sunset
Last week, my friend Amy and I attended a special, outdoors yoga class at La Jolla's La Valencia Hotel hosted by the Lululemons in San Diego. The proceeds from the sunset, ocean-view class went to OG Yoga, which brings yoga to marginalized communities. The best part? Lululemon let us keep our mats after class - an amazing surprise!! The class was beautiful, the teacher was amazing and I am so thrilled to have a new yoga mat. This series is going on all summer, and I can't wait to attend another. 

3. Kilowatt Brewing
One of my favorite parts of San Diego is the craft beer scene. I'm a huge IPA and sour fan, and I love trying new places and new beers. Thankfully, so does Nick. Last week, we headed out to the new(er) Kilowatt Brewery in OB. The decor was so perfectly OB, there was a life-size Jenga and the beer was good. Win. I recommend the Guava IPA for a sunny afternoon. It's a little dangerous that this place is so close to my apartment!

4. Mr. Frostie's
I have the world's biggest sweet tooth, and I am always finding a reason to celebrate and indulge in a treat. One of my favorite treats: ice cream. Even better: soft serve. Needless to say, I'm obsessed with Mr. Frostie's in PB. There's nothing that makes it feel more like summer than nomming on a melting cone in the summer sunshine. Yum. 

5. Sister Visits
This past weekend, my younger sister came down to San Diego for the day. We hiked, ate, napped and talked, and it was so fun! I am glad she is moving back to California, so I can see her more often! Sisters - can't live with them, can't live without them. 


6. Shine Texts
To be honest, I have no idea how I got signed up for Shine texts. But, however my number got into their system in January...well, I'm more than okay with it! Shine is a daily (free!) text service that sends inspirational quotes, mantras, articles and actions to take. You begin your journey with Shine by setting goals and your daily texts correspond with these. It's the little boost of positivity I need at 9 AM right before work. It's like a friend who knows exactly what to say. My text today was: "Morning, Emily! When our mind tells us to recoil from fear, our gut often knows it's a sign of growth. This week, chase discomfort." So much love for this loving use of technology. 

7. That's So Retrograde
My friend Lauryn recommended this hilarious podcast, and I can't stop listening! Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari host this wellness podcast that covers the LA wellness scene - green juice, acupuncture, vision boards, crystals, reiki, you name it. Basically, That's So Retrograde covers all the hippy-dippy stuff I'm into - in a really authentic, skeptical and curious way. Each episode has a new guest expert on the episode's topic...but really, I just want to be besties with these two. 

8. Daily Harvest
Speaking of health and wellness, I just finished my first shipment of the new subscription service, Daily Harvest! Daily Harvest ships fresh, organic, pre-portioned ingredients to smoothies, overnight oats, chia puddings and soups that take about 30 seconds to prep. It's a huge time-saver and makes eating healthy easier. My favorites? Carrot + Chia Smoothie and Cold Brew + Almond Smoothie. YUM. Use code TRYTHREEFREE for three smoothies off your first order. 

9. Neighborhood Walks
Yesterday, I took a walk around the block with one of my dear friends and her pup. After so long on crutches, walking around the cute neighborhood chatting felt like the most glorious way to spend to my evening! Nothing like soaking up fresh air, venting and laughing and enjoying the city around you. I need to do this more often!


10. Harry Potter
Yesterday marked Harry Potter's 20th anniversary - what?! The Harry Potter series truly has had one of the most profound impacts on my life and is still my favorite book series to date (that I've read upwards of 12 times...I think it's about time for a new re-read). Always.

What are you into this week?

Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

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