Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Happy July 4th! 

Today, I woke up and went to a yoga class, grabbed coffee and a donut and then hung out at a friend's BBQ (eating way too much!). I topped off the evening by binging on some more Parks & Recreation with Nick. 

While I'm sure this isn't what people picture as "freedom" and a traditional way to celebrate Independence Day, it is for me. Freedom is the ability to spend the day pursuing the things I love with people I love. So, thank you to those who have fought for the freedom that is afforded to lucky individuals like me. 

PS - I hate fireworks. I'm a child with an irrational fear. This is embarrassing... 

Here's what else I'm into this week: 

1. Arroyo Seco Trail Camp
This weekend, Nick and I took a quick one-night camping/backpacking trip to Arroyo Seco Trail Camp in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. The "primitive" Arroyo Seco sites were tucked 1.5 miles in the park, so we hiked back with all of our things for the next 36 hours. It was hands-down one of the most gorgeous spots - absolutely secluded and quiet, filled with wildlife (deers, turkeys, hawks, squirrels!) and amidst a big trail system. While I wasn't a huge fan of hiking in with all of our things (I've always expressed disinterest in any type of backpacking...), the site was so worth it. Look at that view (for a grand total of $5!)!!! Pro tip: bring bug spray (written by my 37 bug bites). Pro tip #2: don't go in the dead of summer. 

2. Water
I have a horrible habit. I'm constantly dehydrated. It really started when I stopped running the first time I was put on crutches. Oops. I've been actively working on it, but during this weekend's camping trip, it bit me in the butt. I suffered heat exhaustion and dehydration (made worse by a horrible sunburn) - yikes. It took about an hour to get me through the last 1.5 miles of our final hike. Luckily, Nick found a horse trough with water to soak my headband in to wrap around my neck and we got back and I guzzled almost an entire growler of water. I have never been so thankful for water. It's really the small (but essential) things. Now, time to drink up. 

3. Social Media Day San Diego
Last Friday, I attended Social Media Day San Diego for work. The whole conference honestly re-ignited my fire on why I love working in the social media space. I geeked out over influencer marketing, Instagram stories and algorithms with some of the best in the biz in San Diego. It was such a good reminder of why I do what I do. 

4. Holsem Coffee
I've spotted Holsem Coffee in North Park dozens of time, but finally decided to go in this weekend. I loved the minimalist vibe and decor...almost as much as I loved my orange zest infused cappuccino. The drinks were all unique - and they blend their own hazelnut milk in house! Amazing. 

5. Target's Dollar Section
I have a love/hate relationship with Target. It has everything I need...and then, everything I don't need, but want! I always get trapped in the dollar section - but at least it doesn't break the bank. This week, I scored 80 thank you cards for just $6!! Win. 

6. Friendship
Let me clarify: friendship where you can drive to their house - no questions asked - and whine over wine. Friendship where you can interrupt your vacation and call just to make sure things are okay. Friendship where you fill in each other's sentences - but still offer different perspectives. I am one lucky girl. 

7. Snail Mail
In the age of digital, snail mail is so often overlooked. Why?! I love opening up my mailbox to handwritten cards and notes from friends across the country - and from nearby! It's such a heartwarming feeling. 

8. Sprouts' Antioxidant Trail Mix
I have a really hard time trying to find trail mix that doesn't have peanuts (no allergic reactions for me, please!). However, I found Sprouts' Antioxidant Trail Mix this week - and I am obsessed. This mix contains walnuts, almonds, dried cranberries, dried currants and dried blueberries. Yum. 

9. Coronado Brewing
One of my favorite parts of San Diego is the craft beer scene, and I love trying new spots. Coronado is a staple of San Diego, but I hadn't been huge on it for awhile. Well, it's now formed a soft spot in my heart (and taste buds). It's Nick's favorite brewery and has become one of my favorite spots, as well. I love their Stem to Stern (a hoppy red) and Snowy Plover Winter IPA - and their tasting rooms (the one on Coronado is my personal favorite). 

10. Birkenstocks
This weekend, I was asked what my favorite item of clothing was. I paused - and realized, it's my Birkenstocks. While they may not be traditionally stylish (and I used to make fun of them - oops), they are so comfy and cute to me. Mostly, they fit my wide feet no problem! I'm looking for a new pair. Any recommendations? 

What are you feeling this week?

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Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten