Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

This weekend, I had a mini getaway to Idyllwild for my best friend's birthday. We ate, hiked, talked, slept, ate...it was the perfect girls' weekend (even after some dehydration mishaps...). Plus, I turned my phone off for the majority of the weekend (helped in part by me forgetting my iPhone charger), so it was a perfect way to disconnect and spend quality time with my friends. I'm already looking forward to my next getaway in just 9 days - for the chance to spend time with friends and to experience new things. 

So, between planning for the next getaway, here's what else I'm feeling this week: 


1. Hallelujah Anyway
I'm not always huge on books around faith (big exception: Love Does by Bob Goff), but I fell in love with Anne Lamott's new book: Hallelujah Anyway. This book explores the meaning of mercy and brings together both spirituality and psychology to discuss the topic. I liked that the collection of essays came from a place of honesty - someone that has dealt with alcoholism and family issues. So good - whether you are religious or not. 

2. Hammocking
I have definitely mentioned my hammock in a previous Tuesday Ten, but I'm bringing it back because that's just how much I love it. I spent my Sunday evening finishing Hallelujah Anyway, swinging in my hammock, watching the sunset and listening to the ocean waves at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. The best end to a great weekend. 

3. Suicide Rock
As I mentioned, my friends and I ventured to Idyllwild this last weekend. On Saturday, we hiked Deer Springs Trail to Suicide Rock. While I was vastly underprepared (in terms of water, lack of trail shoes), I felt so strong climbing the trail. I totaled over 10 miles and 3,000 ft of elevation gain without any pain in my hip! Yay! But, did I mention how gorgeous the view at the top was? It was unreal and a moment that made me feel entirely small in the universe. 


4. Sex and the City
If you are a girl who has not seen Sex and the City at least once, I am questioning you. This show got me through my breakup with my first love, so I figured it was time for another rewatch (thanks sister for your HBO password...). I truly forgot how much I resonated with Carrie...and just how much I love/hate their early 2000s attire. Team Big, all the way. 


5. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
I discovered this protein powder from another friend a few months ago and they have been a godsend! I have a really hard time finding protein powder that doesn't contain a product I'm allergic to (think: pea protein, soy, etc.), so I was thrilled when I found out that Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides were allergen-free for me. More than allergen-free: they're tasteless! They're not gritty or powdery and don't leave a weird aftertaste. It's a great way to get my protein in (I've been throwing it in smoothies and oatmeal) - and strengthen my connective tissue (thanks, EDS). Bonus: their banana-cinnamon whey collagen powder is fantastic if you want something that has a taste. 


6. Dark Horse's Champ with Oat Milk
Last week, I spent my morning practicing yoga at Mosaic Yoga in Golden Hill and stumbled into Dark Horse for some post-savasana caffeine. While I love the pour-overs, I opted for a Champ (cinnamon & honey latte) with house-made oat milk. I'd never had oat milk before, but it added such a richness to the drink. It was a great dairy alternative that let me change it up from almond milk! 


7. Mush Oatmeal
I stumbled upon Mush Oatmeal last week at Whole Foods and had to pick up a few single-serve containers to try out. Mush offers ready-to-eat overnight oats with no artificial flavors, no dairy and no added sugar! Healthy breakfast made easy...that tasted amazing and kept me so full! My favorite flavor? Vanilla bean. 


8. Molly on the Move
Latest blog crush? Molly on the Move. I am so inspired by this Texan's colorful layout, her drool-worthy food photos and her travel-envy posts. I'm using some of her tips as I plan a trip to Cuba! 


9. Doterra's Deep Blue Oil
I've been on the essential oils train for quite a bit, but recently got hooked on doTerra oils. One of my favorites? Deep Blue. Deep Blue is a combination of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, ylang ylang, helichrysum, blue tansy, blue chamomile and osmanthus. I have been using this oil near my hips to help fight inflammation and to soothe pain. It's also great on my neck and shoulders after stressful days at work. It's comforting, refreshing and effective. 


10. #Goals
By now, you know that I set monthly goals. So, what about my year-long goals? Here's my plan for making sure I hit my marks and have by best 2017 by NYE. 

What are you feeling this week? 

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