Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

I'm going to Nashville, I'm going to Nashville...and I can't contain my excitement!

In just two days, I'm hopping on a plane and visiting my college stomping grounds for four days in the south with some of my best friends. I really can't wait...and it's been hard to focus at work knowing I'm visiting the "homeland." I can't wait to share pictures from my trip here next week...

Aside from my travel-induced tizzy of excitement, here's what else I'm feeling this week: 


1. Skyscanner
I've mentioned this before, but I'm traveling a lot this fall. But, I'm still living on a budget-friendly lifestyle, so I've had to be a little creative here and there to make my travel plans work. I've been using tons of my saved up Southwest points, but for domestic and international flights that Southwest doesn't fly into, I've been relying on Skyscanner. Skyscanner is a step up from Expedia (without all the annoying pop-ups) that searches international airlines AND Southwest. I love to set price alerts so I know exactly when to purchase. 


2. Double Standard Kitchenetta
I love fusion restaurants and San Diego's Double Standard Kitchenetta is just that. DSK offers a blend of California cuisine and modern Italian. I visited this Gaslamp restaurant with my friend Dana this week, and we split a Burrata Crustino, gnocchi and burrata and the funghi pizza...and topped it off with a few of their unique cocktails (they just got their liquor license...so no more rice liquor, which isn't my favorite). I was so pleasantly stuffed when we left. Best part? Service was great. PS: go for the Hummingbird cocktail when you visit. It's divine. 


3. Sundays at Spirit Yoga
I like routine - I really do. Lately, I've been loving my Sunday routine at Spirit Yoga. I work the front desk on Sunday afternoons (come say hi!) in exchange for a membership - and during my shift, I take two classes - a hot vinyasa and a cool yin and reiki class. I love seeing the same people (and new ones) who visit the studio and I love the consistency of my Sunday practice. This solid routine preps me so well for Mondays. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 10.28.48 AM.png

4. Topshop
I've never been a huge Topshop fan, but this week, I decided to peruse the brand's section at Nordstrom while on a major shopping spree. I settled on the prettiest (and boldest colored!) wrap dress, and it fit like a glove. I'm obsessed - and don't know why I ever doubted the trendy brand. 


5. Little Italy Mercato
This Saturday, I visited the Little Italy Farmer's Market for some fresh produce. I hadn't been in months (for really no good reason) and it felt like home walking back through. I love to taste the fresh samples and shop local. Plus, it's a great way to get out and about on an early Saturday morning. I scored some swiss chard - as a challenge to myself to cook with a veggie I'd never used before. Any suggestions? 

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 10.28.38 AM.png

6. Bump Coffee
One of my favorite stops at the farmer's market is Bump Coffee - a local organic roaster. My favorite drink? The Mojito: cold brew, creamer, a little agave and muddled mint. Sounds weird, but trust me, it's life-changing. 

7. Lazy weekends
Typically, I love to adventure during the weekend - whether it's hiking, finding a new brewery, running all over town, who knows. But, this weekend, I opted to be a homebody...and it was so worth it. I spent hours watching Sex and the City, planning this week's trip to the South, reading, writing, deep cleaning and catching up on much-needed sleep. Sometimes, rest and relaxation is just as important as exploring (I type this from my bed...). 


8. Summer vegetable tian
On Friday, I decided to take on a new recipe - as I can get in a rut of making the same meals (meal prep life...). So, I perused Pinterest and found this summer vegetable tian made of onions, garlic, thyme, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini and yellow squash - and topped with melted Italian cheeses. It was super simple - but tasted amazing (and made my whole apartment smell yummy). 

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 10.28.59 AM.png

9. Bang Bang
Last Thursday, I went to an event for an all-female networking group Lady Killas. The event featured Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential speaking about her entrepreneurship journey and was hosted at downtown club/restaurant Bang Bang. I'd never been before - but loved the hip vibe of this club (complete with a disco ball). Did I mention how good the drinks were? Yep. Get a cocktail. 


10. Smudging
Call me a hippy, but...this weekend, I smudged my apartment to try to cleanse it for a new stage in my life. Smudging is a ritual of burning dried sage and floating the smoke around every nook and cranny in a space to release cleansing and clearing energy. I feel the good vibes and the openness of my apartment - and it also smelled amazing. 

What are you feeling this week? 

Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Peachy Keen Smoothie

Peachy Keen Smoothie