Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Fun fact: today is International Cat Day (according to the Internet, that is)! I've been pretty down and out lately (more to come on this when I'm ready), so cuddling with my kitty Walt has been a pretty good source of happiness. Crazy how much pets can impact your life, right?

Aside celebrating crazy kitty Walt today, here's what else I'm feeling: 

1. Miramar Lake
Yesterday, I walked around Miramar Lake with my friend Dana - and I was shocked at how gorgeous our 5 mile walk was. We opted to walk on the road, but I could see a trail below us. Anyways, the view of the sunset was gorgeous over the lake, and it felt like an escape from traditional San Diego. We were surrounded by families biking and skating, so it didn't feel unsafe for us to walk at dusk too! It's truly a hidden gem in Scripps Ranch.  

2. Tiger! Tiger!
I'll be honest. I visited Tiger! Tiger! in San Diego for the first time because it reminded me of my favorite club in Cape Town of the same namesake. While this is certainly not a Euro-trash club in the middle of a strip mall (yes, really), it has its own charm. Tiger! Tiger! is a wood tavern in North Park with an amazing beer menu - and an interesting food menu that goes from Vietnamese fusion to German sausages and back again. My favorite menu item? The pork belly banh mi (with curry fries!). 

3. The Hidden Spa
This weekend, my mom came down to visit for a day and took me to get a much-needed massage. We ended up at The Hidden Spa, a local spa hidden (aptly named) in downtown Ocean Beach. The place immediately smelled amazing - and the service was even better. It was one of the best massages I've received - and was super affordable! My mom enjoyed her facial too. 10/10 will be back! Anyone want to spa party with me? 


4. Kwaay Paay Peak
One of my summer bucket list goals was to hike 3 new trails. Last week, I knocked another off my list: Kwaay Paay Peak in Mission Trails. I went with my friend Dana and her boyfriend David to catch the sunrise. Though this hike is short in distance, it was killer. I was surprised at how steep the trail was! But, the view from the top was worth it. Bonus: it wasn't as crowded as its neighbor Cowles Mountain. 

5. Jeanette Jenkins
I started to follow personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins on Instagram a few months ago because I noticed she trained P!nk (and a whole slew of celebs). Her posts are always inspiring, and she looks strong as hell. I started doing a few of her bootcamp workouts a few times a week - and I am amazed. They are so hard, I'm incredibly sore for a few days...but I'm already noticing a difference in my strength! Most of the workouts require little to no equipment, so I've been doing them outside. It isn't running, but the HIIT style workouts are getting my heart rate up in pretty places. 

6. The Girls
The Girls was my most recent read - and I plowed through it in just 2 days! This coming-of-age story is set in the 60s and is hinged on the Manson murders. As someone who loves true crime, good writing and coming-of-age stories, this was the perfect combo. It's spellbinding - I really couldn't put it down. 

7. My Dad Wrote a Porno
This is really what you think it is. This podcast is a man and his 2 friends reading his dad's pornographic novel. It's gross and so hilarious - I've actually spit out a drink listening to it. You have to have a certain type of humor...but if you need a laugh, this podcast is perfect. 

8. Balboa Park
Last week, I took a long evening walk around Balboa Park's trails - and truly remembered how grateful I am to live next to such a cultural and beautiful gem of a park. I have never been to Central Park...but our park has museums too, so I think that wins, right?!

9. Chewy.com
My friend Katie recently recommended Chewy.com to me. It's my new end-all-be-all online pet store! The site has so many discounted items - and offers subscriptions to things like cat food and cat litter! This makes me sound entirely lazy, but sometimes I forget/run out last minute of Walt's food, but now I can make sure it's on time. Walt will appreciate this! 

10. Trader Joe's Coconut Creamer
For quite awhile, I only drank black coffee. A few months ago, however, I started introducing creamer back in and now I'm hooked. However, I don't eat a lot of dairy so I hated putting half-and-half in my brew. Cue Trader Joe's original coconut creamer. This creamer is non-dairy and makes my coffee have the slightest, sweetest taste of coconut. It's the perfect way to start my mornings. 

What are you into this week?



Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten