Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Last week, I unexpectedly reconnected with an old friend over the phone. After not talking for a year and a half, we spent an hour on the phone updating each other on how our lives were going and rehashing memories of some of the last times we saw each other - when my first hip broke, when my circle of friends was different and when I had just moved to San Diego. It made me really reflect on how much has changed in a year and a half - some for the better and some for the worst. Plus, it prompted the question: do people come back into your life for a reason? What are your thoughts?

Anyways, aside from pondering reconnection, here's what else I'm into this week: 


1. Lazy Acres Natural Market

A few weeks ago, Lazy Acres finally opened up a location in Mission Hills (no more trekking to Encinitas if I wanted to enjoy). This health food store is like my personal mecca - and is less crowded and more enjoyable to me than Whole Foods (blasphemy, I know). I headed to the new spot on Saturday, stocking up on some of my favorites: Siggis, Rebbl, Honey Stinger and Coconut Cult, to name a few. One of my favorite parts about Lazy Acres? They make it a point to stock up on locally produced goods, like coffee, veggies, and yogurts. #eatlocal, for the win. 

2. South & North Fortuna

Prior to heading to Lazy Acres on Saturday, I headed out to Mission Trails for some solid solo hiking time (also in hopes of sweating out a hangover). I ended up totaling 8 miles and hit 2 peaks - North and South Fortuna. It was gorgeous and I could see to the ocean at the top of the peaks. There's really nothing nature can't cure. Not to mention - it's a hard workout! I was sore the next day. 


3. House of Cards

I've been a longtime fan of House of Cards, but hadn't finished the fourth season and started the new season. It's a show I have to really focus on...and that wasn't happening recently. But, this weekend, I binged hard on the Netflix show. It's fascinating, witty and smart. Plus, Kevin Spacey in power is swoon-worthy in a weird way. What's eerie though...I think the current political situation freaks me out way more than a fictional TV show and crazy plot line. 


4. San Diego Zoo

On Sunday, I went to the San Diego Zoo with my parents. I had to do a "scavenger hunt" of the park as part of my ongoing orientation to be a volunteer there, and the company of my parents was nice. I hadn't been to a zoo in about 4 years...and I forgot how much I loved them. I'm a sucker for animals, the zoo in San Diego is absolutely gorgeous and I really love supporting the conservation mission behind the zoo. My favorite exhibit? Obviously the elephants. 

10455194_10203413930901381_8126467979763932827_n (1).jpg

5. SUP

After a heatwave, San Diego's weather is finally returning back to its classic 75 and sunny. It's time to break out a SUP board and hit the water. Here's my favorite spots featured on Fitt


6. Lulus

Last Friday, I went to the Marine Corps Ball. I ordered a few dresses from Lulus  - and was obsessed. I settled on a blush-colored gown that fit like a glove. Now, if only I could find an occasion to wear this gem at again...

7. Headspace

I struggle really hard with meditation; I find it near impossible to quiet my mind down! A few months ago, my friend recommended the app Headspace. Headspace guides you through a few quick minutes of meditation and mindfulness - all on your phone. It's helping make meditation a little less intimidating and a little more practical in a busy life. 


8. Maca Powder

I recently was introduced to this superfood and all of its hormonal and mood-impacting benefits. Well, at the same time, Trader Joe's put this root powder on their shelves! I've been adding this powder in small doses to morning smoothies one to two times a week to work on some balance in my endocrine system. 


9. San Diego Sunsets

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about how I want to move out of San Diego. But, over the last week, I keep catching sunrises and sunsets...and damn. What beats a sunset over the Pacific? Not a whole lot. It makes me want to stay posted here forever. 


10. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to catch Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential speak at an event. I've followed her blog for quite some time, but the talk introduced me to the podcast she runs with her husband. The podcast talks about their life, their beauty and health routines, their careers...and everything in between. It's entertaining and a good listen for while I drive home. Plus, there's nothing more motivating for me to get work done than to hear career tips and tricks of the trade.  

What are you into this week? Do you think people come back into your life for a reason?

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