Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

While I loved the crisp air and colorful leaves of fall in Nashville, I also appreciate the seemingly endless sunny summer in San Diego (well, with the exception of May Grey and June Gloom). So, this weekend, I steered away from pumpkin spice and pretended it was still the middle of a hot summer - sipping on iced coffee (despite what my intro picture looks like...), walking around the farmer's market and the boardwalk, donning white pants after LDW, drinking crisp beer, falling asleep by the pool and reading at the beach for hours. I love soaking up the sun, so this was my kind of weekend!

Besides appreciating the beachy weather this week, here's what else I'm feeling: 


1. Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate

I really am a sucker for the "New This Week" section at Trader Joe's, and last week, I found the new love of my life on the shelf: Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar. The bar is made of dark chocolate and rich coffee grounds - and filled with caramel. It's sweet without being overwhelming - and feeds into my chocolate and coffee addictions. I've been nomming on a square during my afternoon work slump. It's honestly divine. 


2. Clean & Colorful Kitchen

Last week, my friend Teresa came into my office for a video shoot I was managing. In tow, she brought a meal (the Sexy Orange Chicken!) from her new meal prep company - The Clean and Colorful Kitchen. The veggie-focused meal was so tasty and fulfilling - and felt indulgent, without actually breaking the (health) bank! The CCK also delivers in San Diego - and offers cleanses, smoothies and soups as add-ons. Yum!! #eatlocal 


3. Pali Wine Co. 

On Saturday, my coworker Haley and I visited The Gallery in Little Italy for a yoga & wine tasting event. It was fun to flow through some relaxing poses - and then sip on some wine from Pali Wine Co. (which actually has a tasting room just down the street in Little Italy). We tried a chardonnay, rose and a few pinots - all while in yoga pants. Win, win & so, so yummy. My favorite? The Huntington Pinot Noir, which was spicy and earthy. 


4. La La Land

Last Wednesday, my friend Dana and I had a movie night - Chipotle and wine included. As always, I'm behind on the times in relation to movies, so we put on La La Land. I'm a sucker for musicals - and Emma Stone...and Ryan Gosling...and love stories. And, it exceeded my expectations. The storyline was engaging, the music was beautiful and the ending was heart-wrenchingly beautiful and honest. I could have honestly probably watched it again...right after. 


5. Calumet Park

Tucked away in Bird Rock, Calumet Park is one of my favorite places to sit and watch the surf (with a cup of Bird Rock Coffee, of course) This tiny park that's part of a neighborhood overlooks the La Jolla coastline - and is typically pretty empty (with the exception of some dogs playing). I got to attend a video shoot here last week, and I was pretty thrilled that this was my "office" for the first part of the day. 


6. Saffron & Sage

Last night, my friend Lauryn and I attended the grand opening of a new wellness space in San Diego - Saffron & Sage. The beautiful space (+ boutique) in Mission Hills offers yoga, acupuncture, massage, sound healing, naturopathic medicinal services, cupping, life coaching...and tons of events in the growing self-care, wellness arena. If you know me at all, you know this sounds just like my heaven. I can't wait to go back and get a massage - followed by some yoga. Perfection. Bonus: I scored a few goodies from Chosen Foods at the opening! 


7. A Really Good Day: How Microdosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage and My Life

My friend Antonette recommended this book quite awhile ago - and I finally got it off a hold at the library. The non-fiction read is written like a journal from the author who is microdosing on LSD as an experiment to manage anxiety and pain. It was a fascinating look at the stigma around drugs, mental health and science. Plus, I never knew so many of the uses of LSD. 

8. The gym

Lately, I've been hitting up the gym during lunch - and I finally feel like I have a pretty solid routine (compared to a few months ago when I had no idea what to do in the gym!). I am feeling incredibly strong and empowered. Plus, it's the perfect stress-relief break in the middle of the workday. So, thank you ACE for your lovely gym downstairs!


9. Vibrant Everything

My latest blog crush? Vibrant Everything. My best friend Dana runs this fashion and lifestyle blog - and I love her ability to transition outfits from day to night. And her Instagram account constantly gives me outfit envy. She's become my personal shopping assistant...

10. Unexpected surprises

Sometimes you learn unexpected things in yoga class...and then even bigger surprise: your thoughts get published in Thought Catalog

What are you up to this week? 

Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

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