August in Review

August in Review

Every month, I am always in awe of how fast time is flying. How is it already "fall"?!

Looking back at this month is...difficult. 

If you are a consistent reader of my blogger, you know by now that I planned to set mini-goals and mantras for each month that will all build up to my larger 2017 goals. But, I'll be very frank about this month...I did not even come close to hitting a single goal for the month of August. No completed summer bucket list (but hey...I'll try to hit it by fall equinox maybe), no camping trips, no reading, no trying new places and new things, no beach days and way too much social media.

Instead, I was dumped, I received a few more unsettling pieces of news around my health (and my hip hurt all month long in spin class), I struggled with a really hard situation at work (that's still ongoing....), I rarely slept, my anxiety was worse than I've ever experienced and I grappled with some friend issues. Needless to say, my goals...and mantra - stay wild - didn't really come to fruition. And, as a goal-oriented individual, I'm disappointed. 

As I pondered my disappointment and sadness looking at August, I came to realize I did somewhat hit my mantra right on the head - just in an unexpected way. All of the issues and problems of this past month threw me off my game. I was in unknown territory like a pioneer without the next move planned. I tossed my usual schedule right out the window and had absolutely zero routine this last month. I hiked and spent time outside, hoping to feed my spirit. I explored and traveled to get out of San Diego. I stayed wild - in a way I had not anticipated. 

In that vein, part of the reason I love creating these monthly recaps is to focus in on the good - what came of this month? And as always, there were good things that I had overlooked. 

Here's some highlights: 

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 7.38.04 PM.png

I embarked on a few new hikes, including Kwaay Paay Peak & Suicide Rock! I hiked up Kwaay Paay in San Diego at the start of this month with two of my friends to watch the sunrise, while I hiked Suicide Rock in Idyllwild during a friend's birthday weekend. 

I was published in Thought Catalog, The Confused Millennial, LOCALE's September San Diego issue and Elana Lyn! I absolutely hate bragging and feel very uncomfortable, but I am really proud of my success in the moment. There's nothing wrong with celebrating your wins. 

I found a therapist I like! Since breaking my hip and embarking on this identity crisis of sorts, I've been searching for a therapist with no such luck. Well, I finally hit the jackpot. She's pricy, but sometimes you just need someone objective to listen and provide actual solutions without being involved. Don't knock it till you try it...and there's nothing wrong with seeking some help. 

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I visited Nashville! As I mentioned in this week's Tuesday Ten, I went back to the South for Labor Day Weekend. Read more about it here

This month, I will be focusing on: "Fight." 

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