Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

I had a nearly perfect weekend this last Saturday and Sunday. I woke up refreshed on Saturday morning and leisurely ate breakfast as I meal planned, headed to a Sparkcycle class with two friends, meandered down to a Fathom Crossfit workout and then headed to the Farmer's Market with my boyfriend. We enjoyed some Whole30 compliant burgers at Queenstown and then headed to Coronado to read on the beach. We stayed for the sunset and enjoyed a quiet night in re-watching This Is Us. The following day, I headed to the Mt. Laguna area to hike, followed by a leisurely drive back to San Diego to meal prep and get my nails done. 

I'm sure you don't want to know how my weekend was in detail, but it was one of those weekends that fulfilled me to the brim...and I can't help but share what makes me happy. 

Here's what else is making me pretty happy these days...


1. Garnet Peak

As I mentioned, I headed out to Mt. Laguna this weekend for hike #3 on my 52 Hike Challenge. I headed up the Penny Pines Trail in the Cleveland National Forest and meandered along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) until it intersected with the Garnet Peak Trail. Then, I started the trek up to Garnet Peak, which was gorgeous. The view from the top was extremely windy...but offered views of the Salton Sea, the entire desert and mountains beyond. It looked fake; it was just that stunning. It was peaceful out too - I only passed a few other hikers. Total mileage: around 4.4. So worth the hour drive out for the view alone. 


2. Under an Arctic Sky

Last week, I sat down and watched Under an Arctic Sky, a Netflix documentary that caught my eye. The film showcased the journey to a remote corner of Iceland in the middle of winter in search of the perfect surf. It was insane to see surfers catch waves under the Northern lights. Plus, it was directed by one of my favorite photographers: Chris Burkard. 

3. Coconut Milk

One thing I have been missing on my Whole30 program: creamer. While I've been sampling with NutPods (a compliant creamer), I wanted to try something different this weekend. So, I blended Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Milk with a dash of cinnamon and hot coffee for a "latte" of sorts. The coconut milk blended in was frothy - and changed the game - in a good way. 


4. Holy Matcha

Last week, me and three coworkers headed to North Park for a mid-day break at Holy Matcha, San Diego's cutest (read: Instagrammable) matcha shop. The entire place was "millennial pink" (pink is my favorite color, so obviously I was a fan) and covered in lush greenery. It wasn't just a cute spot, though; the drinks were so yummy. I settled for an iced matcha latte with coconut cream...that was Whole30 approved. Score! I will be back to try donuts and soft serve next time though... 


5. Succulents

My sweet coworker Jenny made me the most gorgeous succulent for my apartment last week - and it adds so much color and personality into my living room. They're so pretty...and a plant I can't kill (fingers crossed...).

6. Rain

Sometimes, life is all about the simple joys...like last week's rain in San Diego after months of dry weather. Nothing beats snuggling up listening to a storm. Come back, rain! 


7. Ramble State

My best friend, Leah, launched her own adventure and travel blog, Ramble State - and I couldn't be prouder (without sounding like a mom). Her photos are stunning and she always has the best adventure spots - in California and beyond. I'm obsessed already. 

8. Elka Yoga & Wellness Center

Last night, I stopped by Elka Yoga & Wellness Center in Point Loma for a Healing Hatha Class. I wanted a slow-paced class that would help me relax and stretch into deep muscles. I was in for a real treat because half of the class also included sound healing, essential oils and reiki. I felt refreshed and renewed after the class and totally slept like a baby. 

9. Pedicures

There is nothing more relaxing to me than getting a pedicure. I just feel better afterwards. This Sunday, I got my nails done with my friend Lauryn and similar to my hatha class, I felt refreshed after. Plus, it's the perfect time to chat and catch up. 


10. San Diego

After my pedicure, I drove through Bird Rock after sunset...and pulled over to watch dusk settle over the Pacific. The moment was so beautiful and peaceful, and I had a moment of such intense gratitude and appreciation. Years and years ago, I told myself I would end up living near the beach...and I made it. Cue feelings. 

What are you into this week? 

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