Whole30: Week 3

Whole30: Week 3

If you follow me at all on social media (shameless plug: I am most active on my Instagram) or read my blog last Monday, you have caught on that I started the Whole30 program on January 1.

Well, today, I am officially just shy of a week away from completing the program. 

Remind me again...what's Whole30 & why are you doing it? 

Here are the basics: no legumes, no dairy, no grains, no added sugars, no junk food, no alcohol. Oh - and you can't look at a scale for 30 days. My main priorities for the program are: mood, energy and skin. Weight is not on my radar. 

How do you feel three weeks in? 

After a really rough seven days last week, I finally felt better on Week 3. I physically felt great, I thoroughly enjoyed my meals...and almond butter was tasting like a dessert?! I think it helped knowing I was officially halfway through the program, as well. The only issue? I experienced quite a bit of bloating this past week. 

Have you continued to work out? 

During Week 2, I maintained my regular workout schedule. But, during Week 3, I just wasn't feeling it. And...for once, I decided to respect what my body wanted. Today, I had the urge to return to my fitness routine, though, so stay tuned. 

What do you miss the most? 

While I felt considerably better last week, I definitely have a running list of food I miss the most, including (but not limited to!): chocolate, oatmeal, quinoa, Siggis, pizza and post-hike beer. An odd collection, I know. I'm already debating what I'll eat when I start to reintroduce ingredients again... 

What have you learned so far?

I've actually learned quite a bit, but let's keep it concise. Here are the biggest things I've learned so far: 

  • Not all "health" food is healthy. Look at your labels! There's often so many sneaky ingredients hidden in the food we consider healthy. 
  • Truly healthy food is expensive. It's inaccessible for the majority of the population, and that fact has grown even more illuminated throughout the last 22 days...and I want to do something about that. Join me? 
  • I use food as an emotional crutch. During the last week, when I wanted to celebrate or mourn...my mind immediately shifted towards food. 
  • Hi, my name is Emily Torres. And I'm addicted to sugar. 
  • Not to toot my own horn, but I eat way healthier than I had previously imagined. The Whole30 wasn't a huge shift from my normal diet. 

What did I eat during Week 3? 

Here's a quick breakdown of what I ate the third week: 



  • Salad: Romaine + Heirloom Tomatoes + Golden Beets + Red Beets + Avocado + Hardboiled Egg + Drizzle of Avocado Oil 
  • Chipotle Bowl: Romaine + Carnitas + Guacamole + Salsa 



Questions? Leave them in the comments! 

Can't wait to continue sharing this journey...but also very ready for it to be over!  

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