Whole30: Week 4

Whole30: Week 4

Today, I am officially 6 meals away from completing the Whole30. 6 meals!! Can you tell I'm excited yet

I promise it's the last time...what's Whole30?

Here are the basics: no legumes, no dairy, no grains, no added sugars, no junk food, no alcohol. People pursue Whole30 for a variety of reasons, including weight loss, energy boosts and to cut sugar and processed carb addictions. My main priorities for the program are: mood, energy and skin. 

How do you feel four weeks in? 

This week, I felt fantastic. I had a ton of energy and yet again, I was thoroughly enjoying my meals. I definitely felt the "Tiger's Blood" that Whole30er's experience...the feeling where you can do it all, for lack of better words. See above for a photo of that feeling on my hike this weekend

Have you noticed any physical changes?  

I can tell I've lost weight, despite not stepping on a scale for the last month. My pants (and even swimsuits) are loose. I have also noticed that my ab definition is back...proving that abs really are made in the kitchen. Oops. Beyond that, my skin has cleared up and for the first time in years, my skin tone is even across my face. 

Are you going to continue this long-term? 

Absolutely not. While the diet has been a fantastic reset, I don't think it's sustainable in the long-term. I personally don't love consuming this much meat or this many eggs for both ethical and health reasons (my poor cholesterol levels...). It is difficult to maintain ketosis over longer periods of time...and there can be serious risks to the high-fat, high-protein diet if that happens. Beyond that, I am wary that limiting my diet for a very extended period of time would reintegrate eating disorder and body dysmorphic tendencies back into my life. I don't want to live through restrictions and limitations. Moderation is key in my book, and I view this as a brief reset for better habits later on. 

So, what are you going to eat on Wednesday? 

Endless choices! While the Whole30 recommends gradually reintegrating foods back into your diet, the diet wasn't a huge shift for me. So, I plan to return to eating how I was previously. But, maybe I'll sneak a donut in on Wednesday morning before an early morning flight...Otherwise, tacos and beer are definitely on the docket for the weekend. 

What did I eat during Week 4? 

Here's a quick breakdown of what I ate the fourth week: 


  • Ground Turkey Hash
  • Eggs + Sweet Potatoes + Brussel Sprouts 
  • Eggs + Veggie Scramble & Guacamole 




  • Larabar - Blueberry Muffin 
  • Celery + Guacamole 
  • Apples + plain almond butter

Questions? Leave them in the comments! 

TWO MORE DAYS! Final thoughts coming soon..

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