Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

After weeks of feeling really overwhelmed and stressed out, I started to take a good, hard look at my schedule. I cut a few things out - and I started to add some things in that I knew could set me up for success and a more positive mindset. So, out with a ton of time on my phone at night and in with more reading. Out with bringing my computer into bed (morning and night) and in with a workout schedule and actually journaling.

One of the things I’ve been trying to add in, as well? More daily moments in nature. It doesn’t have to be a hike or anything epic…but just small moments of watching golden hour, the sunset or sunrise; stepping outside to feel the crisp air; spending time in the backyard after work.

This Sunday evening, I opted to catch the sunset on Coronado with three of my best friends. It was beautiful - both the conversation and the sky. I swear I’m still in a good mood and have been more productive. So, here’s to scheduling in things that make us happy and shift our mindset…even if you think it’s going to take time away from work or meal prepping or whatever. It’s worth it.

Aside from that, here’s what else I’m feeling this week:


1. Stonewall Peak

On Saturday, Justin and I headed out to Stonewall Peak, a hike I’d been eyeing for a while in the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park area. This trail easily became one of my favorite hikes in the San Diego area (it’s about an hour from downtown). The trail was well-maintained and easy to follow…and not to mention - absolutely gorgeous! It was a pretty easy climb up to a beautiful and breathtaking 360-degree view. After the 4-mile jaunt, we headed to Julian (about 10 minutes away) for a slice of pie!


2. Vuori

A few weeks ago, I won a hefty giftcard to Vuori, an activewear company based in Encinitas. After trying about fifteen things on, I ended up settling on a soft moon cycle muscle tee and a performance racerback tank. Both fit like a glove, and the racerback tank is my new favorite top to workout in. While I’m pretty loyal to Lululemon, I’m obsessed with these tops and it felt good to shop local!

3. CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre

Last week, I won tickets (I’m on a streak, apparently!) to a Ben Howard concert at CalCoast Credit Union Open Air Theatre in La Mesa. While I had mixed feelings about the concert itself, I was totally impressed by the venue. Tucked away in the university’s campus, the stage is sunk low with stadium seating - all surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees. It felt intimate yet big and was the perfect spot to take in a cool San Diego evening.


4. Gingerly Wax

I discovered Gingerly Wax in South Park a few months ago, and I am absolutely hooked. This all-female waxing spot offers the best service from the moment you walk in - cheery estheticians, rad music, and the use of grapeseed oil to help ease the waxing process. Everything is incredibly clean and natural…and the prices are far more than reasonable. I 10/10 recommend Taylor, who finally reshaped my brows after I let them grow wild for a year.


5. E.E. Cummings

Last week marked the nine year anniversary of one of my best friend’s deaths. It’s always an emotional time of year, and this year, I totally subconsciously had a huge panic attack the night preceding the anniversary. Funny how your body knows, right? Anyways, E.E. Cummings has long been one of my favorite poets, but when she passed in 2009, his poem i carry your heart gave me some type of solace. I’ve annually vowed to integrate her heart, boldness and spunk into my life - carrying her heart and spirit with me throughout the years. It’s even tattooed on me as a reminder.


6. GTS Sharing Gratitude Kombucha

Last week, I spotted a new seasonal flavor of GT’S kombucha in Trader Joe’s. The Living Gratitude blend includes fresh-pressed pink lady apple juice, turmeric juice, carrot juice and cider spices. I am here for it. It tastes like apple cider and kombucha had a baby. It’s fall in a (gut-friendly) cup.

7. Amazon Prime

I’m about 5 years late to the game, but I gave in and got Amazon Prime (well, Justin added my account to his membership). Honestly, I wasn’t a huge Amazon orderer, but after moving, it became incredibly useful (curtains, food storage, you name it!). Prime has been…well, prime, in that process. What was I doing before?


8. This Is Us

I’ve definitely written about NBC’s This Is Us before, but season three premiered last week and it’s fresh on my mind again. Justin and I settled down to watch it this weekend - and we were immediately drawn back in to the multi-generational story of the Pearson family. It’s emotional, raw…and will really bring the feels.


9. Quintessentials Sage Room Spray

One of my favorite yoga teachers at Mosaic Yoga also owns an organic essential oil products company - Quintessentials. I always love the oil blends she sprays during savasana, so I wanted to check it out for myself. I opted for a Sage Room & Body Spray. Not only does it smell lovely, it generates positivity and a sense of grounding. It helps me feel like I smudged our house - without burning any sage.


10. Nights In

The older I get, the more I enjoy nights in. Sure, I enjoy a night on the town or with friends every so often, but damn, I love staying in and reading and watching TV! I did that every single night this weekend and have zero regrets.

What are you into this week? Drop a comment and let me know!



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