Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

Last week felt like a blur. After driving home from Joshua Tree, I started a work week where I ended up at work at 6 AM more mornings than not, hustled from plan to plan to plan, figured my way through a bank snafu (whew) and started yoga teacher training. By the time Saturday rolled around, I was dead tired (and spent the majority of the day watching TV and lounging, to be honest). I typically thrive on being incredibly busy, but last week wore me out...and I'm just starting another busy week again. Eek. 

Aside from trying to not let my schedule and to-do list scare me, here's what else I'm feeling this week: 

1. Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve

Prior to Hulu-binging (eh, just doesn't have the same ring as Netflix binging...am I right?!) on Saturday, I headed out to Julian with two of my dear friends to hit up hike #8 on my 52 Hike Challenge. After quite a few windy roads, we ended up at Volcan Mountain Wilderness Preserve to hike the 5-mile summit trail. It was chilly, but worth it. The views were gorgeous with dramatic hillsides and mountains all around. Did I mention all of the green on the way up? Plus, we only saw a few people along the trail on our way down, so the peace and quiet was really on point. I definitely think I'll be back to this trail soon...with a book in hand to read on the bench that marks the top of the trail. 


2.  Cafe Chloe

I typically spend my Friday nights as self-care nights. I cook a nice meal, I color in coloring books, I read, I take a hot bath, you name it. Every so often, though, I break my own rules and opt for some social time on Friday evening. Last Friday was one exception. I headed out to East Village after work for happy hour at Cafe Chloe with my boyfriend, Justin. Despite driving past it so many times and commenting how cute it looked, I had never stopped in. Well, finally, I was able to snag a seat in the small French cafe (which was as cute as I had pictured, for once) for pommes frites, a butter lettuce salad (with tarragon dressing and hazelnut butter), butternut squash soup and a glass of pinot noir. Justin opted for the burger. And, everything was perfect. I'll definitely be back...next time for brunch. 

3. You & Yours

Following our tasty dinner at Cafe Chloe, we headed to You & Yours to meet our friends for a Friday night drink. This female-owned urban distillery serves up gin and vodka amidst the cutest, Pinterest-perfect atmosphere that's ideal for hanging with friends. On Friday, I opted for Sage Advice: winter gin, blood orange, burnt sage, sea salt and lemon. So...happy hour next week? 


4. Belli Belli Salon

After debating it for a few weeks, last Wednesday, I chopped off a good chunk of my hair. Realistically, I only cut about 2.5-3", but now my hair is hovering at a bob that lands in between my shoulders and chin. It's pretty short. Naturally, I only trusted Leu and Alexis at Belli Belli Salon in Crown Point to handle the cut. I am so lucky to have found two amazing stylists - and I can't sing their praises enough. 2018: short hair, don't care. 


5. A Piece of Work

Again, it wouldn't be a Tuesday Ten without a podcast. Two of the things I love most in my life (I'm actually not exaggerating): Broad City and art. Well, there's a podcast that somehow combines the two. Hosted by Broad City's Abbi Jacobson, A Piece of Work, is a short podcast that discusses art with curators, artists and friends - all in MOMA. It brings art to the general population vs. the "creative elite," and I am definitely with it (and definitely behind on the times since this came out last year).  


6. Starbucks Blonde Espresso

I'm not the hugest Starbucks fan. Their espresso and coffee often tastes burnt to me, most drinks are too sweet, and I'd honestly rather just sip locally. However, after the recommendation of my coworker Haley, I decided to hit up the drive-through before work one morning to try Starbucks' new roast: the blonde espresso. I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor was perfect and it did not taste burnt at all! My favorite way to sip? An Americano with just a splash of coconut milk. 


7. FaceTime

While I love and cherish my friends in San Diego, I really miss my friends from college. But, between time zone differences, work schedules and expensive plane flights, we hardly see each other - let alone talk. But, my best friend Emily and I are committed to keeping in contact. We've established a biweekly FaceTime date to catch up...and something about seeing her face makes it feel way better than a phone call. Thanks, technology for letting me see my best friend even when I can't be with her! If you're reading this Beezy. I miss you! 


8. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

If you know me, you know my love of essential oils. That's all I'll say...because otherwise we'd be here for about five pages. Lately, I've been really into eucalyptus oil. I typically use this oil in my baths to soothe sore muscles, but lately, I've been diffusing it. It leaves my apartment smelling refreshing and invigorating...and honestly, like a spa (or the towels handed out after a sweat sash at Sparkcycle). 


9. Primally Pure Deodorant

Over the last year, I've become increasingly conscious of what I put into and on my body and my efforts to switch these things towards more natural products. It started with tampons (did you know most mainstream tampon brands use tons of chemicals and even bleach in them?! ew!) and my switch to LOLA tampons and grew into a real inspection into my birth control pills, skincare products, OTC medicine, some makeup and so on. So, it was only natural (ha - get it?!) that deodorant was up next. After polling the Instagram hive mind via a story about natural deodorant (seriously, so many choices I didn't know where to start!), I settled on ordering from Primally Pure. I think I was a bit biased because I loved their lip balms. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved their deodorant too. I opted for the lavender scent and love it! It's subtle, a perfect consistency and texture and actually lasts all day (after a few days of your body adjusting). Plus, all organic, easy-to-read ingredients. 


10. Mosaic Yoga

As I mentioned earlier, I started my 200-hour yoga teacher training program this week. I opted for Mosaic Yoga in Golden Hill for a variety of reasons (the vibe, challenging myself out of my social comfort zone, etc.) - and within a week of training here, I've felt so at home and challenged and excited and nervous all at once. I can't wait to see what's next and how I can grow and learn in my practice and as an individual. And if I go AWOL over the next few months, you can likely find me here - training or taking a class. 

What are you feeling this week? 

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Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten