Life Lately

Life Lately

It's been quite some time since I've actually sat down with my computer to write. Life has been a little nuts over the course of the last two months...

So, in the style of one of my favorite blogs - Erin's Inside Job - here's Life Lately...a quick little update on what I've been up to. 



I've kept pretty mum about it, but last week, I started a new job. 

Wait, what?!

Over the last few months, I had felt a little restless at my social media & content management job. I loved who I worked with, I loved most of the work I did...but I was stressed to the max, had a few personal issues that left me feeling a little disempowered in my role and was confused on the direction of my position. So, I quietly started to look for a little bit with no luck. After a few months, I made the decision to stay at my current position. Lo and behold, just a few weeks after I came to that decision to fully embrace where I was at and really commit, I was contacted by an agency I had applied to a few months before with a better fit for a position...and within a matter of a week, I was presented with a pretty sizable offer. Cue major decision paralysis/moral dilemma. What did I want out of my career long term? Which area could I grow in more? Should I try a new adventure? Should I stay with comfort and make the best of an improving situation? How does salary, commute, and benefits factor in? Well, after a really challenging decision process, I decided to take the offer. It was hard to turn down and was in the industry I saw myself in after college (and long-term). Not to mention, I loved the company model, I felt inspired by their work, the commute was significantly shorter and most of my job would involve writing and creation. Long term, I would ultimately have the most opportunities for growth and change is where all the good stuff happens, right? And...cue a few nights of panic over questioning myself if I made the right call. As much as I appreciate will never not be absolutely terrifying. 

I'm happy to report back that after one week, I already feel more confident. The work (public relations & social) is right up my alley, I feel really empowered and I like the intimacy of a small workplace. Plus, working downtown in a major city makes me feel like a real adult (finally!). 

Beyond my 9-to-5 gig, I have been stepping up my freelance game and have been published quite a few times in the last month. Here's a few highlights: 



Personally, I've been struggling a little. I went into March extremely overcommitted...and it hurt. I was frantic and stressed, I got sick, and my anxiety flared up more than usual. My bitterness towards not running and my genetic disorder (EDS) resurfaced. Any tips on how to handle GAD would be appreciated...not many of my usual tactics seem to be working! 

On a lighter note, my romantic relationship has been growing by the day...and I couldn't be happier on that front. Thanks, Justin, for supporting me during the craziest last month! 


One of the main reasons I have been so MIA is because my schedule is pretty committed to yoga teacher training. I opted to take training at Mosaic Yoga - and love that the training is broken across 12 weeks...but that means I'm in it for the long haul. I'm in training every Tuesday after work and all day more classes during the week and homework in between. I love it...and I haven't quite found the words to articulate it. But, expect a full recap here in just a few weeks when I complete the program. 

Aside from yoga, I'm still going strong on my 52 Hike Challenge. Since I last posted, I have hit up Volcan Mountain in Julian, Cowles Mountain in San Diego, Big Rock Trail in San Diego, Ice House Canyon Trail in Mt. Baldy and Corte Madera in Alpine. I didn't get a hike in this week, so I'll have to start doubling up soon to stay on track. Who's with me?! 


I've toned down my travel in 2018 to gear up for a big trip in September or October, but I still ventured to Los Angeles at the beginning of March with my friend Leah for an adventure day. We stopped at Better Buzz in Encinitas on our rainy drive up the coast for fuel and eventually made our way to the La Brea Tar Pits. I had repeatedly heard that the tar pits were overrated...and I honestly beg to differ. They were fascinating, and I felt like a kid the best way possible. The tar pits museum still has a lab that is discovering fossils found in the tar to this day, which is rad. We geeked out over watching archaeologists on a current dig and learning about the science behind the tar pits. After this, we headed out to grab Cuban sandwiches and walk around West Hollywood, where we stumbled into Bumble Hive, a free co-working space decked out an Insta-worthy decor. While we only stopped in to snap some photos and check it out, I was enthralled. If Bumble brings the Hive to San Diego, I would 100% work there. It was the cutest co-working space I've ever stepped into, and I immediately felt inspired. Next up: matcha lattes at Alfred and the Museum of Death, which was the reason for our visit. Knowing my fascination with our crime, Leah gifted me tickets to the museum for my birthday back in October. Well, I am now the official worst gift recipient ever. I was in the museum for about 20 minutes before I felt seriously sick and had to step outside to gain my composure. Too many graphic stomach and anxiety quickly said no. Fail. We ended the evening by refueling with burgers and a trip to Jeni's, reminiscing on our Nashville trip. 

I was also supposed to fit in a trip to Tijuana last month, but unfortunately came down with a bad bout of the flu and cancelled. I didn't even leave my apartment for 36 hours. No bueno. 

Next up on my travel plans? I head to Austin to celebrate my dear friend Maddie's wedding in just a few weeks and then head to Wisconsin for Labor Day Weekend in May! And, I'll finally be hitting up the Grand Canyon in June. 

What I've Read

I haven't been reading as much lately, much to my dismay. Between getting sick, my YTT schedule, and job hasn't been much in the cards. But here's a few that I've read over the last month that I recommend: 

  • Room - Emma Donoghue
  • Light on Life - Iyengar
  • Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

I have quite a few books from the library next on my list...

What I've Watched

I've definitely watched more TV and movies than read lately. It's been an easier way to zone out and multi-task, if we're being 100% honest. 

Here are some of my favorites: 

  • The Jinx
  • This Is Us (don't get me started on the season finale, though!) 
  • Theory of Everything

Other Highlights

And here are some highlights of anything and everything in between...

  • I met my #goals girl crush, Jenna Kutcher, at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. If you don't follow her, what are you doing?! Also, SMMW was pretty amazing for a social media nerd like myself. I learned so much that I can't wait to put into practice at my new gig! 
  • I celebrated my friend Ericka's birthday with tacos, margs and board games. It's the small things. 
  • I went to my first baseball game of the season on Opening Weekend at Petco Park yesterday!
  • I rode at San Diego's newest addition: SoulCycle! AKA: my original spin love.
  • I saw an amazing art show in Barrio Logan that made me want to get back into art myself. 

I'm hoping that now that I'm settling back into more of a routine with a job and fitness again that I'll be able to hop on here and resume my Tuesday Ten's and everything in between.

What have you been up to lately? 

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