Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten

This morning, I got up early to work out and was planning on rushing around and heading into work early. But, instead, I leisurely foam rolled, listened to a podcast, munched on breakfast and got ready. I met Justin at Bird Rock Coffee (one of my SD favorites!) and we talked over coffee, eventually walking down to Devil's Dozen Donut Shop for a quick morning treat. It was truly nice to slow down a little, enjoy the fresh morning air and nice company. I definitely think I could do that more often. Plus, morning dates are underrated! 

Here's what else I'm into this week! 


1. Claire's on Cedros

On Saturday, I visited one of my favorite North County spots for breakfast: Claire's on Cedros. This cute brunch spot is located in a cottage in Solana Beach and serves up the best (and hugest!) meals. This time, I opted for a Quinoa Cake Benedict with a side pancake. And, of course, coffee. Yum!  I was so full...but so happy. 


2. Craft Nights

Last Thursday, my friend Leslie hosted a "Crafts & Crafts" night. In summary: crafting and craft beers. Yes, please! I'm not the craftiest individual (ask anyone who lived with me in college about my state sign...), so I was pretty pleased with my final product this time around! It was a great time to connect with friends and have something pretty to hang up after!


3. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

This weekend, I went hiking with two of my best friends at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. This spot is the most quintessential SoCal hike - trails that meander on cliffs overlooking the Pacific. While the hikes aren't particularly challenging, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Between the sound of the ocean waves and the dusty trails...well, it was a morning well-spent. 

4. Buona Forchetta

Saturday was quite the foodie day looking back: I ended up at Buona Forchetta for a date night dinner. Justin and I feasted on pizza (highly recommend the Sergio!) and beer, while enjoying fresh air out on the outdoor patio. The pizza crust is second to none in San Diego in my book. 


5. San Diego Sunsets

On Sunday evening, I headed to the beach to catch the sunset to close out the weekend. And yet again, I was amazed that I live here (and only 5 minutes from the water at that!). I am feeling pretty lucky - just look at that beauty! 

6. Online Shopping

I have a problem. A really big problem. An online shopping problem. But...really, what's better than a fun package arriving at your door? Lately, I've been all over Nordstrom and LOFT. 


7. A Killing on the Cape

Newest podcast binge: A Killing on the Cape (I just finished this morning, actually!). This 6-episode investigative series is hosted by 20/20 and ABC Radio and looks into the murder of Christa Worthington and the conviction of Christopher McCowen. It was really fascinating and well-written, and I can't believe I hadn't heard of the story earlier. 

8. Poshmark

To offset my online shopping habit, I've been all over Poshmark: an app that functions pretty similarly to eBay. I've been selling off some of the dresses I wore for special occasions and a few things that no longer fit. It's fun to sell and trade...and I've actually snagged some pretty good deals on here too! 


9. FabFitFun Box

A friend recently turned me on to FabFitFun boxes, and I am officially hooked after one box. Every season, FabFitFun compiles a box of 8-10 full-sized, designer goodies valued at over $200 and sends it out! Last month, my box had a cooling Free People sleep mask, a Murad moisturizer, a clutch, gorgeous earrings, a massage roller and so much more! It was such a fun experience, and I can't wait to see what's in the next box! And...this brings me back to online shopping all over again.

10. New Friends

This sounds incredibly cheesy, but I've been branching outside my comfort zone and connecting with new people, including those in my yoga teacher training. And, it's making me really happy (as friendship should, I suppose). That's all! 

What are you up to this week? 

Spill the Beans Coffee & Bagels

Spill the Beans Coffee & Bagels

Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten