How to Create a Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget

How to Create a Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget

Between steep prices at your local health foods store and expensive monthly memberships to your favorite big-name gyms, staying healthy can be financially intimidating. But, I promise you, with the right preparation, it’s possible to get healthy without breaking the bank. Here’s how:


Meal plan!

You’ve heard it time and time again, but meal planning is the real MVP for saving money and staying slim. You’re less likely to splurge on an out-of-office lunches or post-happy hour dinners when you’ve planned and prepped your meals. Stick to your grocery list - and if you have extra food, freeze your meals for later on. Bored of eating the same thing every night when you plan and prep? Cook ingredients in large batches and repurpose leftovers for variety!

Hit up your local farmer’s market.

Snag fresh fruits and veggies for half the price as your average supermarket at your local weekend farmer’s market. Bonus: if you head towards the stalls the hour before the farmer’s market wraps up, your produce is likely to be even more discounted!

Workout for free with online resources.

Between Instagram famous trainers who share daily workouts, guided YouTube yoga and pilates sessions and strength and cardio workouts on fitness blogs, you’re covered in terms of free fitness. Simply invest in a yoga mat, a few dumbbells and a solid workout playlist, and you’re good to go!

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Take advantage of introductory studio discounts.

If you can’t get motivated to workout at home, take a peek at local boutique fitness studios in your area. Most boutique studios offer introductory student discounts, so you can try out a few studios to find your fit before you commit. Can’t find a deal? Head to sites like Groupon to search for any discounted offers on your favorite fitness facility.


Get by with a little help from your friends.

Community is your greatest asset for committing to be fit. Share a Costco membership with your gal pals to shop in bulk for your healthiest essentials, like spinach, almond milk, almond butter and frozen fruit. Get those same friends to get moving with you. Opt for a free group run or hike instead of a trendy brunch on the weekends, so you can resolve to stay healthy together. Or, if your city offers a running club or groups like November Project, join a free community of fitness-minded folks to keep you accountable. 

What are your favorite tips to stay committed to your healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank?

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