Summer 2019 Bucket List

Summer 2019 Bucket List

A few years ago, I made a summer bucket list to counteract all of my travel/race envy. While I certainly didn’t knock off every item on the list (6 out of 20…eek!), it was a fun summer exploring new places around San Diego.

This year, my friend Dana asked me if I wanted to sit down and make another one with her, and I was excited to create another list to make the most of my favorite season. So, after an hour of brainstorming at Communal Coffee over hot tea and lemonade post-work, here’s what I landed on:

  1. Go to the San Diego Museum of Art or the Natural History Museum

  2. Go on at least one waterfall hike

  3. Go on at least one camping trip

  4. Skinny dip in the ocean

  5. Go stand up paddleboarding

  6. Have a bonfire

  7. Visit at least one new brewery

  8. Hike Mt. Whitney

  9. Go surfing

  10. Learn more about & start composting

  11. Have a picnic

  12. Make my own lavender lemonade

  13. Play frisbee golf

  14. Make an entire meal from farmer’s market finds

  15. Watch at least five sunsets

  16. Get my cards read

  17. Go to Imperial Beach

  18. Eat a burger at Hodad’s

Who wants to join me?!

Maybe Next Time

Maybe Next Time

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